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Star Mares - Tales from the Mos Equus Cantina #1

Tomorrow's update is just the second issue cover, so have some omake today to make up for the lack of a punchline tomorrow :)  The 'canonicity' of these is, of course, suspect.

Of course there are other species in the galaxy besides ponies.  I decided to make the Aqualish into the giant spiders from the IDW comics.  If I'd been especially nerdy (or, y'know, thought of it when I wrote this yesterday as opposed to just a few minutes ago), I'd have realized that ponies probably calculate in base 4 and adjusted the equation accordingly.

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Trope me.
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Do you have a name for the giant spider species

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In Star Wars the character is an Aqualish, but here it's just a giant spider.

The square root of 100, in base 8, is "10", or 8. Minus 1, is 7. She's saying she will cut off one limb.
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Of course, now I think of it, ponies should count in either base 2 or base 4, unless they're Pinkie Pie in that one episode...
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That is some fantasticly nerdy smack talk!
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We're wanted Mares; I have the death sentence on twelve systems!
I think it's perfectly reasonable for Twilight to put the equation in the spider's native base. Certainly she wouldn't have trouble doing so.
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Doesn't help if the spider is dumb :)
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My friends and I would argue for hours as to why that arm that fell to the floor was bleeding.
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Obviously it wasn't cut off by Obi-Wan, Chewbacca tore it off :)
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