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Star Mares: Tales from the Equestrian Empire #2

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I just realized what RedShift's stars cutie mark really means.

She will see stars, just like this.

She won't die.

She can go into any situation, no matter how dangerous, and there will be something that happens that she comes out bonked but alive.
You'd think she would learn to avoid situations where her destiny can get at her easily. You would apparently be wrong.
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I'm sure she would find some way to have a mishap in a totally spherical padded room.
Most likely, but I'd like to see how she manages it.
Something moved past your leg? You'll live. Something moved past my entire body when I was in there. I should be in da infirmary....
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Also, redshift needs a profile poster. :)
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I'll add it to the list :)
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Lol, that was funny.
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Redshift, should be called "Red Fog" instead due to how many freaking times she gets sent to the infirmary. :XD:
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I've seen enough hentai . . .

Sorry, couldn't resist.
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Oh damn them stars!
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Her insurance rates must be through the roof. That or the Imperials must have an excellent medical plan.

Btw, have you ever read the Tag and Bink Star Wars graphic novel?
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No - it was really difficult to find when I was actually reading SW comics.
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so redshift is a redshirt XD ?
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Redshift is the best. (I suppose the other one is Blueshift, her cursed sister. XD)
I expect some bad jokes from some of the panels, but what's bothering me is that medical robot.
I mean, it's a robot ? Right ? How is it using magic ?
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Most machines of this era run on magic (spaceships, poids, casters, doors).  Actually using it is just a matter of programming them with the proper principles.
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I like the geometric aura around its horn. Nice touch.
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Aw, poor Redshift.  If it makes her feel any better, she's my favorite. :P  Hang in there, Bonk Ponies, you make the world a safer place for all the other extras.
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So the red Bonk Pony's name is Redshift? Good to know. How exactly did she get that cutie mark again?
Waaait a second is that an imperial without a dessert-themed cutie mark?
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Some ponies get cushy government jobs on merit rather than nepotism.

What? It could happen.
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