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Star Mares: Tales from the Equestrian Empire #1

Ever since Dark Feather took command of the fleet, medical claims have skyrocketed.

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Trope me.
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I wonder if the Empire has a procedure for taking a voluntary demotion without Dark Feather finding out?
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If poids can do medical miracles (like restore an ENTIRE head), that's a surprising well-used taxpayer's money... :XD:
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This Empire is quite a bit more efficient than the official one.  They're not nearly as used to corruption, for starters...
I don't think the company plan covers Force-based (horse-based?  they're all horse based!) accidents...
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The advantage of working for the military is the all-inclusive government medical plan.
Yeah but imagine all that paperwork
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Bureaucracy's just the price you gotta pay for free bacta.
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Listen here, ladies. Dark Feather thinks she has the power to choke us to death with the force. Truth is: she doesn't. If she ever found out she would kill us with her lightsaber.
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emm congratulations for your ascend?
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I think lady feather just wants to replace the admiral quickly. Also viscera cleanup detail!
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At least they don't have to get the flume anymore :)
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talk about an "explosive" temper Pinkie Pie (Big Smile) mlp season 6 
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(Steps back)
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from behind dark feather looks small or is it me XD
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The set is big, so she looks small by comparison.
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