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Star Mares Special #1: Dawn of the Alicorns



For our first special issue, we go back 1100 years to the very beginning of Equestria's space age.  While conceptually inspired by the Ostrander/Duursema 'Dawn of the Jedi' comic series, it actually hasn't got much (if anything) in common with that story, and far more in common with a certain classic Star Trek episode.

A lot of the background notes I have for this series are predicated on one shot from 'Luna Eclipsed' - the existence of astronaut Nightmare Night costumes necessarily assumes the existence of astronauts, which means that Equestria already has some sort of space program even at the time of the series.  So the quick transformation from a largely agrarian, quasi-renaissance culture to a high-tech space colonist one is not actually that much of a stretch.

As for the characters - of all the unicorns we've seen on the series, Trixie is the only one I can actually envision wanting to be a princess (apart from Sunset Shimmer, but as far as I'm concerned she already is one).  I chose to make her Cadance's padawan because it was funny (and because Cadance's hair is a lot easier to deal with than Twilight's).

This interlude is only 12 pages (well, 14 with this cover and the credits), so don't worry, the regular cast (most of it at least) will be back soon :)

UPDATE: Fixed the tinting on Cadance's wings.

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