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Star Mares S2.13: End Credits

And so we leave our temporary heroine to her well-earned rest while Spring Clean purloins her uniform (for reasons that will become apparent shortly).

Thanks for sticking with me through this little experiment :)  We now return you to your regularly scheduled madness.

EDIT: Renamed 'Jyn Horso' to 'Stardust'.  If you're reading the collected issues, you may want to re-download them - I've updated the cbz and pdf files as well.

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Trope me.
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was copyright a factor to the name change?
KittyTheS's avatar
It occurred to me the last time I watched it that her nickname was a perfect pony name.
jppiper's avatar
why was this moved to the front on the profile page?
KittyTheS's avatar
Because I updated it, and apparently DA treats updates the same as new releases.
jppiper's avatar
ok can you tell me what changes were made?
KittyTheS's avatar
It says on the page, after 'EDIT:'.
tigreanpony's avatar
Very cute. great work.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
For a silent scenario, I'm impressed the cast is still credited.
KittyTheS's avatar
I've always credited Redshift even though she doesn't talk, so this is just an extension of that joke.
Spring Clean, you have a problem.
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Spring Clean, hope that uniform is clean... :XD:
shyal-malkes's avatar
Regularly scheduled... as opposed to this impromptu madness.

And of course Spring Clean is... purloining her uniform, she... well, she purloins everything, doesn't she?

Maybe I've been reading too much Fallout Equestria recently and started seeing her akin to the neigh-kleptomaniac character Calamity.
KittyTheS's avatar
Well, it's definitely not intentional, 'cause I've never managed to read past the third chapter of Fallout Equestria :(
shyal-malkes's avatar
Yeah, (no spoilers, I swear), but Calamity gets a bit of a reputation for being able to... well, basically, his bags are like having personal hammer-space, this even gets a bit lampshaded later on when two of the characters have a semi-drunk conversation.

Which also reminds me of a story someone told over on Newbiespud's webcomic about having a Toon character who had a TON of points put into "hammer space" and managed to use it to retrieve a MacGuffin from a dungeon by putting the dungeon into the hammerspace first, apparently all those points gave the character something like half a cubic lightyear worth of space. I fear to imagine what Spring Clean could do with an ability like that!
KittyTheS's avatar
Well, possibly fortunately for the universe, Spring Clean's game stats (if any) will be rendered in D&D5e, not Toon :)
KittyTheS's avatar
I spoke too soon.  I just added 'Hammerspace' to my list of homebrew talents for Tails of Equestria.
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