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Star Mares S2.1: A Long Time Ago...

I have a thing for old-timey film effects.  I was expecting them to be more difficult in Inkscape due to the primitive layer effect system, but they're surprisingly easier than when I was doing them in Photoshop for Sims 2 stories.  The flashback portions of this story will therefore be very easy to spot :)

In keeping with the theme, Redshift used to drive a garbage hauler.  I'm somewhat surprised that there aren't any models for that out there, given the 'used future' aesthetic, so that's why this design is a lot less detailed than the ones I made from reference images.

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Trope me.
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Is that last car hauling a Tardis?!?
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That's just the door. This train wasn't sourced from anything, so it doesn't look as good :(
Darn. If the side of the car indicates what's inside ...
It's always nice to sleep in your own bed, wherever that may be.
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"[H]er reguluar bunk in the infirmary..."

I feel more and more sorry for Redshift all the time. I'm glad she's getting her own little spotlight in the comic! XD
*puts some whipped cream in her hoof and tickles her nose*
She is dreaming the narrative intro...that's quite an imagination
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I have a question: will this silent film have an intermission? Some of us might need to go pee.
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I didn't even need to follow that link to know where that was headed...
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Lol, this will be good.
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well i guess you could say we are in for a ride.
okay that was a bad one ow damn need to go might miss the train.
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Stand aside, Williams, along with your orchestra players.
The piano man has to shine in this story.

Or an organ player, that works too.
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I wonder if it will be important that the bio-hazard car is right next to the flammable car.
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That's actually 'combustible trash', because I'd just watched an episode of Gintama that was about properly sorting garbage (of course, being Gintama, there was a lot of incidental property damage involved in the procedure.  Also, robots).
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