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Star Mares 3.3.17: Mane Interlude



This is literally the first complete piece I ever did for this comic.

Well, OK, not exactly literally.  It's a recreation of the first complete piece I ever did for this comic, since the original was a lot less polished and didn't actually have Dark Feather and Skywalker in it (I hadn't actually settled on a design for Skywalker yet, although Dark Feather was already done), but it uses the same vectors with only minimal changes, so I consider it the same in spirit.  It's also my first full-page experiment with Affinity Designer (having been completed before the second Hearth's Warming poster), although as I said before, I did complete the comic in Inkscape instead of switching, for consistency's sake (there are also a couple of important functions that Inkscape has and Affinity doesn't, like perspective tools and a 'simplify path' function; however, for this page it had one very important function that Inkscape lacked at the time, which was the ability to use bold italics with Comic Sans).

As I mentioned the other day, I wasn't planning on including this scene in the final cut, since at this point it contributes no new information (although it is very dramatic).  But I needed a filler page and didn't want to pad it out with another page of Wind Whistler not actually doing anything, so I included it for legacy purposes.  Plus it means I don't have to keep doing the 'Pony of Shadows' treatment every time she appears.

EDIT: Here's the original, for comparison. It's kind of surprising how little my work from July 2015 differs from March 2017...

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Trope me.
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I think I have figured out what Pinkie's issue is.

Her mane is down in the "I must be serious" position.

She has probably been forced to be serious for years now, unable to get any decent laughter out.

And it's been bottled up so much that she can no longer control herself. Like that one-pony pity party, only it didn't end.