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Star Mares 3.2.8: Parlay?

Those who recall my last crossover with Friendship is Dragons will remember that Maple Leaf's player was considering rebuilding as a rogue instead of a bard - well, this page is why.

I had to get a Pirates of the Caribbean reference in at some point during the sail barge sequence, and a Scarface one before the end of the crime lord segment, so since I was running out of pages I just combined them.

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Trope me.
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You know, I'm not sure how one actually does hold a unicorn (or a changeling currently in the form of a unicorn) at gunpoint. She probably can't actually put more than one hoof in the air at once for a sustained period of time, and then there's the issue of magic. I wonder how long it takes an average unicorn to cast a simple spell from when it becomes visible that they're doing magic?
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You'll notice that 'hooves in the air' tends to be more of a figure of speech, due to the fact that it doesn't exactly come naturally to quadrupeds.
Careful - Maple's party cannon is powered by her fear. :)
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I just shit myself! 
When did Jade became this scary?
Then Biggie Cheese walks in. And they all surrender...
She should really be careful with those crystals...i mean some of them are more than a thousand years old...

"Princess Celestia, what was it like before space flight?"
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"Ask my sister."

All of them are more than a thousand years old - it's 1,105 years after whenever the series ends up stopping :)
Hmmm perhaps even enough time for a dark age or two, given the weirdness of magic in affecting the technology curve. :)
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Someone is about to have a very bad day.
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And unlike Pinkie Pie's Z&R party cannons, Maple Leaf's Party Cannon fires high-powered laser bolts. And those hurt, A LOT. :XD:
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Compressed air capsules, actually, but the end result is much the same :)
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I'm not surprised if said capsules had explosive attributes. :XD:
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Very nicely done, this will be quite interesting, looking forward to the next page. Also I love that smile Jade has in panel 4 and how the smile goes away in panel 5.
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Oh no, KONFETTI!!!!!! A changelings only weakness!
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"The problem with guns is most guys get too close." -Elliot
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I'm forgetting but, have we ever actually seen what that cannon can do to a pony?

CookieCutter doesn't count.
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No. But she normally puts on safety glasses and ear protection to fire it and doesn't like the idea of using it at close range of in confined spaces.
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That could mean it's overpowered... or that she's one of the few characters (in SW or otherwise) that's actually a little gun-safety conscious.
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Now, let those nice girls have the statues before you suffer the pain of Red Velvet cake batter on your face.
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Is this what I call the most evilest smile in panel 4? Dat smile tho.
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Dodge this one. ;)
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I see a Matrix reference more than a Scarface one
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