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Star Mares 3.1.2-3: A Bit Moffed



A bit unusual to lead off with a double spread, but I didn't want to split this scene up.  It's my second-favorite opening scene (despite my general meh-ness about TFA, it has the best one) and I didn't want to short-change it by finding a break point where I could insert a visual punchline.

When it came to finding somepony to use for Moff Jerjerrod, it was really a no-brainer.  I envision her as the sort of officer who gets saddled with the kind of postings that more influential ponies don't want to touch with a ten-light-year pole.

I only just realized that hitherto, Spring Clean's purloining skills have been a bit of an informed attribute, but she really is that good.

This is the last page that uses the old ear design.  After this I started replacing bits of older models as I used them.

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That line has stuck with me over the years.  Haven't really taken the time to appreciate its brilliance.

When the villain is known to kill subordinates for making mistakes or failing to succeed... the idea of their boss being "less forgiving" has many, many unfortunate implications.