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Star Mares 3.1.15: Becoming Jaded

According to the LU, she was in Jabba's palace during this time.  I haven't actually read the relevant book, so I don't know what she was doing there - I'm assuming not 'looking for statues of equine princesses'.

She was in my original notes as 'Jade Mare' and wasn't a changeling back then.  Both the name and species change were occasioned by recalling the scene in the Thrawn trilogy (I think it was the second book, but it's been forever since I read it so I'm not sure) when Luke and Mara swap surnames temporarily because the people Luke is trying to hoodwink only know their last names, not their genders.  Her personality is based on that earlier, far more antagonistic version of Mara, who totally would threaten to eat someone if she were physically capable of it.

At this point, I've become somewhat fast and loose with my determination not to upstage film characters - I figure in this case because she's on her way to a movie scene rather than actually being in it, it's OK to put "Boushh" in the background.

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Trope me.
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changelins can eat flesh?
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you are really a very reassuring person -_-
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Neither of them are experts on changelings, so they are likely to take her word for it either way.
That's good. Very responsible, in an unconventional way. It wouldn't be very ethical to let something like the Triptych fall permanently into Diamond Dog paws just to get a chance to get a sample.
Back then Mara Jade was 'The Emperor's Hand' (Or one of them), taken from her home by the Emperor and trained to be his spy, assassin, etc. I'm not even sure if Vader knew exactly what role she had in Palpatine's court.

She was there to off Skywalker, under Palpatine's order, and apparently would have succeeded had she been able to convince Jabba to come with them to the Sarlacc Pit. At least if the vision the dark side tree on Dagobah gave Luke in... I want to say the first Thrawn trilogy novel, was indeed a possible past.
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So Skywalker's future wife is a changeling XD
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Oh god, Mara Jade...
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Lol, that was cute, I love your interpretation of Jade here.
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Never interfer in the unknown I say
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Sorry Maple Leaf, we're calling what we're seeing... :XD:
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What does "LU" stand for?  I've always heard the books called "EU" for Expanded Universe.
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Rebranded as 'Legends' to distinguish it from new books and comics. I figured 'LU was just like EU with a couple of pegs removed. And this way I don't risk confusion when talking about Star Wars and contemporary politics.
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Typo in first panel; s/b "I won't have *to* hurt you".
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Fixed.  I think this is only the second or third one in over 200 pages... doing pretty well :)
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Oh so it IS Mara Jade equivalent. Was wondering about that, actually.
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That said, I do find it ironic how these ponys's motives keep bumping into each other. Though that's assuming that it's Moontear paying for it rather than some surprise pony I'm not expecting.
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Since they can't actually bump into each other for the most part, it's the next best thing.
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"or I eat you."

You hungry, Jade? Because I'm certain you need a little love.
I do mean a little. Don't go any farther.
Bits are bits. So money rules all. The next question is how well do they follow a contact they've already agreed to . . . do they keep it on principle or do they break it for more money.
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time for some princess lace appearance 
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That makes no sense but I'm guessing double the amount and infamy?
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The 'imperial big shot' in this equation is Moontear, but of course Gracenote and Maple Leaf don't know that.
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