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Star Mares 3.1.14: Casting Aspersions

I actually had an explanation prepared for why it was acting like a cave troll, and then determined that I actually needed the space for pictures more than we needed that explanation, so I cut it.

The nice thing about this project is that I'm not bound by either Disney or LU canon, and I can freely plunder both of them as I wish.  I personally ascribe to the theory that there is no Star Wars canon, and that everything we've seen or read is actually just lurid in-universe fiction (Space Hollywood being just as concerned for the 'true' part of 'based on a true story' as real Hollywood is).  There actually is an official precedent for this view (the book Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor), but I don't think it's nearly as commonly held as I would like it to be.

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Trope me.
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"you got a problem with that"
since it was your kind who manipulated the imperial senate and the separatist senate to start a war and apparently many of you are serving the empress ... yes we have a problem with that.
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One should not antagonize the person who just knocked out a monster.
even if we have all the reasons for that?
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You're not the one on the firing line. These two are.
Hehe. Ah wish I was a changeling. Then, I could change into Twiley's brush and bite her follicles with each stroke.... she'll have nappy hair for days.... >8)
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Haha "acting like a cave troll"? Is that a reference to the official IDW comics? The cave trolls there also seemed particularly obsessed with brushing, if I remember correctly.
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The Changeling got her there :D
YES there is no canon.  Only terrible terrible attempts to describe a beautiful place.  Next to the Hollywood machine, Hasbro almost looks like it actually CARES about its show content...
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That was great, I think you did an awesome job bringing in Mara Jade, or whatever her pony name will be. Also panel 1 best line ever for Gracenote. Keep up the awesome work.
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Sick burn!!! :XD:
You know, Maple, that's exactly what a changeling would say. Wouldn't you say that's suspicious?
shyal-malkes's avatar
So what we're seeing here is....


Thought you ought to know"

Apologies if someone beat me to it.

And best-pony isn't the only one that gets a little snark in.
albedoequals1's avatar
I hope you have more plans for Jade; she's the best character in the EU in my opinion.
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Uh-oh...made out of statue chunks? Gracenote, I think you found the Triptych. Or the remains of the Triptych, anyway.
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Mara Jade, we meet at last, I presume.
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"Some of my best friends might be Changelings for all I know."

That right there might be my favorite line of this entire series thus far...  :)
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Waitaminute!  That crystal Spike (or whatever it is) is made out of chunks of the Triptych?!

Oh, boy.  THAT is quite the wrinkle.
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No, it's made out of the actual statue of Spike.  Which you can see in its wrecked state in panel 1 of this page.
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That's a relief. I was worried.
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Well, you can't really blame anyone for making THAT assumption, non?
WhitewolfStormrunner's avatar

Guess I completely missed that when I first read that page.

My bad.
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