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Star Mares 3.1.12: Rancorous

The primary issue I had with the rancor is that it gets destroyed in the movie, and that's not something that happens to actual mythological monsters on the show. So I made it a golem instead, and took a cue from the first IDW arc for its personality.

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Trope me.
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On the re-read, I realized what Maple Leaf is saying in panel one. Wonderful fore shadowing.
What happened to "Magic to make any song a lullaby and put everyone to sleeep aided by your sleeping potion"?
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Only applies to anyone who ingested the potion. So, the guard dogs.
oooh you even want to save the Twi'lek? what a softie XD
foldabotZ's avatar
Huh... So that's what happened to Spike's statue in the Crystal Empire...
"And I shall love her and hug her and squeeze her and I shall name her, George."
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............I am not even gonna ask
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Emoticon - Spike Reaction "!!!"
Dante-Wynter's avatar
Not the brush! Not the brush!!
I shall call it George.

I actually have a small foil pony (made from some sort of chocolate wrappers) named George for precisely this reason.
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Okay.. Spike needs to lay off the crystals now... ^^;
O_o.... isn't that da Spike statue from Candy's place?..... ya know, da Crystal Empire?.... also, Maple Leafy is here..... >8)
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Love how Grace is actually blushing slightly in the first panel when she says she wants to save the topi. 
Vaguely implies Grace might be into mares rather than colts, and also has a thing for topi.

I might be reading too much into it though, I tend to do that sometimes. :P
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Not saying you're either right or wrong on that count, but that's makeup :P
TP-Night's avatar
Oh right, forgot the make-up.. My mistake. ^^
My head's not at full charge, had a long day. :P
And it's also nearly 4 in the morning here.
So...Spike is Lenny from Of Mice and Men?    XD
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Now with 75% less emotional trauma!

(that book scarred me for life)
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ColdSnap:*still covering eyes and doesn't know she's somewhat okay*
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Heh heh... "pwetty ponies."
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FnaF Icon - Vincent (Shocked/Suprised)  Well, I didn't see that one coming.
Why are you guys wearing black veils, she's okay now!

Okay, Chris. That was clever of softening the blow.
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okay... i did NOT see that coming O_O
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Heh, if he's literally just going to brush her, that wouldn't be so bad.  Probably best to not trust his finesse, though.
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