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Star Mares 3.1.1: A Long Time Ago...



Call me shallow, but one of the things I like about RotJ is how much slicker it seems than the previous two films - the sets seem more solid, the modelwork smoother and more detailed, and the performances... well, just as corny in places, but with more stage presence.  With that in mind, this time I decided not to cut corners on the design of the Nightmare Moon.  With the original I basically just drew a bunch of circles, slapped a whole bunch of lines and randomized rectangles on them (driving the system resource drain through the roof in the process) and called it a day.  I was never really that happy with it, but at the start I was more concerned with getting stuff done and keeping the momentum going than I was with making it actually look good.  Now that I'm pretty sure I'm not going to just stop working on it, I can afford to be a little more discerning :)

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That's a pretty nice Nightmare Moon. I might even go so far as to say that that's the nicest Nightmare Moon that can exist in this comic, seeing as too much detail would just make it look out of place.