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Star Mares 2.3.22: Dance with the Devil



The top panel is meant to evoke Luke climbing the stairs in the carbon chamber to face Darth Vader, but on the computer I'm posting from the silhouette is harder to make out than I intended.  I've really got to calibrate my other monitor one of these days...

The flame in the eyes is not merely cosmetic: it's the source of the beam weapon we saw way back on 2.1.20. It felt appropriate to upgrade the Stare to frickin' lazer beams, since otherwise just not looking at her would take away most of her power.  Fortunately for Cookiecutter, it takes a little while to charge.

The line about dragons was (before i did the crossover with FiD) one of only two references to Dark Forces in the comic (the kell dragon that you're required to beat up with your bare hands on Jabba's cruise ship).

The "I'm not afraid / You will be" line was transposed into several different places in the script before finally winding up here (originally it was Zonama who said it, like Yoda did in the movie, but then I would have had to fit it into the sonnet somehow).

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Dat lighting!