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Star Mares 2.3.1: Fault in Our Stars

Because of course Moontear would complain about the security of a prison as she's escaping it.

The last panel of this page is where I finally started separating her mane into two pieces, since she spends almost the entire issue out of uniform and without the collar of her suit, her hairline didn't look right anymore.

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Trope me.
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Poor, Poor Redshift. If her misfortune keeps up, at this rate she is going to have a breakdown. (Hugs pony in need)

[Also "Saving the Empire"! I think its the first time a hero says that.]
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Lol, Moontear is good, and you just love that AJ face you've used quite a bit.
KittyTheS's avatar
I don't think I use it very much after this (but she's offscreen more in this issue as well).
I hope you realize, young lady, that this is going to go on your permanent record. You can't just go around escaping from imperial prisons and expect the Imperial Navy to forget.

Unless of course you are richer than your enemies, which at this point I don't think you are. But if you were, you could of course erase anything you like.
KittyTheS's avatar
The same Imperial Navy that keeps reissuing keycards to a pony who loses hers practically every other day? :)
Nopony ever accused the Imperial Navy of having sensible policies regarding what goes on your permanent record. Whoever made the rules didn't think to include anything about chronic compromise of security, so there's no consequences. It's not like there's any way to change the rules in response to emergent problems.
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Yeah, the Nightmare Force should work on that financial thing... ^^;
The empire is crippled by debt due to the medical bills of only two ponies...
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I tend to forget that pegasus ponies must have freaky strong wing power to do what they do. No wonder it knocked her out. Save the empire? Now that's a sentence in Star Wars I never thought I'd hear. Moontear is right though.This military is going to need a complete overhaul.
tom117z's avatar
Remember, the Empire here is Equestria. It's just currently under the control of probably some nightmare alicorn instead of the four high princesses. Two are in crystal (and probably had their minds unknowingly uploaded into Dark Feather too, along with RD), one is maimed and in hiding and the other is dead.
KittyTheS's avatar
The Empress isn't an alicorn - that's the whole reason for the Rebellion (they believe replacing Celestia with a non-princess is the cause of all the last century's troubles).
tom117z's avatar
Hmm. Some dark magic using pony then kinda like Sombra?

Though why does my mind scream Pinkamina? XD
KittyTheS's avatar
Strictly speaking, the Rebellion wants to save the Empire too :)
ArkhivezStudios's avatar
That transition in the middle was well done.
Dante-Wynter's avatar
Those are some tough feathers.
SerpensVolucer's avatar
Good lord. How does one even GET a special talent in being knocked out, I'm asking?
Also, shut up, Moontear. If the Empire was a meritocracy, you wouldn't even be on your current/former position.
KittyTheS's avatar
Finagle's Law.

She's saying it should be a meritocracy.  Or at least require a minimum level of competence (but because this is a comedy series, incompetence is mandatory).
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Wow, I never wings are that strong to ko somebody. Not to mention her persistent loyalty to the empire, poor Applejack got an agent kallus
KittyTheS's avatar
Swan wings are strong enough to break bones, and ponies weigh more than swans.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Ouch, then I better be careful at not provoking them
albedoequals1's avatar
Poor Redshift!  Bonk pony is a thankless job.  As if the daily head trauma isn't bad enough, Moontear has to make that jab about aptitude.  She let you bonk her, you ingrate!  She's just doing her part to help the forces of good. :P
KittyTheS's avatar
The navy is full of ponies who got their jobs because of well-placed relatives rather than because they were any good at it, which leads to a lot of incompetence, which leads to Dark Feather getting annoyed, which leads to a lot of ponies getting promoted above their level of ability and a severe personnel shortage while waiting for the medical poids to work their miracles on what's left after Dark Feather's done with them.
Isenlyn's avatar
Soooo two things. Again Redshift ? Please stop, she'll suffer of brain damages at this rate.
And also, I'm pretty sure she's on Moontear side and would have let her go. (Those entusiastic nodes were too cute in panel 2 XD)

PS : If Moontar was in charge, I'm affraid the empire would have win long ago. Good thing she turned out the way she is. ^^
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