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Star Mares 2.2.26: Dashed Wishes

A bit early, as I'm going to be on the road all day.

I'm sure someone out there has written a psych paper about Sith and their habit of dissociation from their old identities. Thankfully, the comics medium offers a unique way of portraying that split through different-colored/shaped text boxes, because otherwise this page would take up a lot more panels.

As you can see, Moontear was not, in fact, stupid enough to confront Dark Feather without some sort of life insurance... but was still naïve enough to think that her theatrics would be sufficient to override the fear and awe in which the bridge crew hold their commander, and headstrong enough not to come up with a 'plan B'.  I must admit, I did kind of hand her the idiot ball at this point because I needed to wrap up the cliffhanger and had run out of space (this sequence was originally two pages longer, but I wanted those pages for the earlier Cookiecutter scene).

So endeth 2.2 - omake strips on Monday as usual, then we start on 2.3, my personal favorite issue so far. I hope you've enjoyed so far!

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and how did Moontear know that the fruit of the seed of honor would protect her from the magic of Dark Feather? I bet that even Applejack did not know it ... or at least she did not mention it.