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Star Mares 2.2.1: Wishing for Clearer Skies

I redesigned Dark Feather's armor slightly for this volume, making it more armor-like and generally darker and sleeker.  The original design was the first thing I built for this project, and lacked a lot of the refinements that I would have made if I'd done it now.

I'm just realizing now that this punchline won't make any sense to any readers who are only coming from the Star Wars side of the crossover, but I don't think there are very many of those...

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Trope me.
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Don't you just hate it when your superiors insist on being stupid no matter how you try to help them?
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My condolences.
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The thing about that Rainbow might be an alicorn still confuses me
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Stormhoofers shoot plasma bolts out of their helmets, and Skywalker has a crown that projects a horn made out of magic light.  It's not inconceivable that someone built a horned helmet that could turn Elemental Rainbow Power (tm) into disintegration bolts.
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LOL TM, made me think about Pokemon(Do you wanna teach Rainbow Dash the move "Alicorn Rainbow Beam"?)
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You're just lucky you didn't see her unarmored... ^^;
Hehe. She'll be concerned about asteroids when she sees Dr. Nefarious floating by one day..... then everybody's gonna be playin drums.....
Little advice, Moontear. After you fail to track down the Phoenix, let somepony else tell Moon.
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nothing more.
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Lol, yep it always seems to happen with AJ as well.
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If I remember correctly you might want to hand that script over to someone more...expendable...I mean less integral to the story. Also, can't take my eyes off Applejack's expression last panel.
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I hadn't created Pie Tin until near the end of this issue, and in any case I wanted Moontear to be the one to see Dark Feather partially unarmored (the better to fuel her paranoia).

I've gotten a lot of use out of that expression :)
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Don't know if you've answered this but is Dark Feather in the armor for similar reasons as Vader or something different?
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Similar, but I haven't really worked out the details. The prequel era timeline is almost completely different from the films, with only a few broad strokes in common.
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Who is Dark Feather again under the armor?
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That's the question. Moontear is 100% convinced that it's Rainbow Dash, but whether or not she's right remains to be seen.
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Huh. This bit of DF's flank we've been shown here looks a lot like Cadence...
Maybe the three trapped in the tryptich are alternating in the armour?
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You can tell 'Trine' is one of my favorite games, can't you :)
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Is she breaking the fourth wall
KittyTheS's avatar
Only a little.
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dark feather sees applejack or does she not?
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