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Star Mares 2.1: Ergot Base



Here we are with Volume 2, "The Empire Bucks Back."

A reminder, for the benefit of readers who've joined during the interlude and haven't gone back over the archive yet - the characters on the covers are not the POV characters of the comic.  I use the covers to showcase parts of the movie that I can't really depict otherwise, and there's rather a lot of this movie that I can't use for obvious reasons.  So from here on out it's largely original territory, attempting to parallel the main story points as much as possible while not being strictly bound by them.

Once again, this cover uses the original movie poster as a guide.  It's also the first look at the new Dark Feather model, which I've largely redone to hopefully be more intimidating.

I probably should have updated the crawl text on the back to reflect the fact that it takes place four years after the previous volume, but it's a pain due to Inkscape's very poor perspective tools, and I play fast-and-loose with the timeline anyway.

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Lace and Can look like they ought to get a room.