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Star Mares 2.1.8: Parting Shot

I should probably clarify at this point that the transport that Gracenote and the others are on has already left - from here on out, the party's split.

I think the way the transports look in the blizzard is pretty neat - one might almost think I'd spent time on the design instead of doing a quick and dirty trace-and-gradient-fill job.

This page was meant as a 'take-that' to the Star Wars mainstay of firing ineffectually at fleeing ships with blaster rifles, although in retrospect it kind of falls down given that Moontear's casters are only slightly powered-down versions of the regular TIE weapons.

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Parting shots. Boom. :XD:  
It just occurred to me that there should probably be some sort of regulation for space-bound pegasi to tie-up their manes and tails...

Also, it would be great to see what a Pegasus de-icing station looks like. :)
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It probably goes without saying that the main purpose of their shielding is to make sure that their manes and tails stream dramatically in the absence of wind :P

Not that Moontear would likely pay any attention to most regulations - while she lacks a lot of the stereotypical 'aristocrat' behaviors, the one she definitely does have is the idea that most rules are for other ponies.
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I wonder who is going to be Yoda in this universe.
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It only just occurred to me now that it would be terribly funny if it were Trixie (I didn't write the special until after I'd finished the first two issues of this volume, so Trixie being an alicorn wasn't on the books at the time of scripting), but even as I thought it I realized that I couldn't imagine Trixie ever taking a padawan.
When you say that, it makes me think of the Trixie vs Hearth's Warming Eve comics...…
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Heh... if you add those to the trouble Trixie was having with levitating in my special...
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Well that's going to be somewhat problematic.
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Wait, what are we talking about now?
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Moontear and her cheap shot. Why, Mootear, why?!
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Well, it is kind of her job... besides, hitting a small moving target from at least half a kilometer away while injured doesn't really sound like a cheap shot to me :P
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really starwars my little pony?
tyruvelp's avatar
where have you been for the last 80 pages ? 

btw it is the main story from ep 4,5,and 6 but from the perspective of the authors characters 
the man story with skywalker still happens but it happens in the background or we do not see much of it if at all, instead of just being a parody 

which is why it makes it interesting 
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ah oke i found this because of eqeustria daily comics it was under update
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No, just sort-of Star Wars My Little Pony.
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What is that gadget Moontear shot?  (Also, was that Derpy? :P)
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It's the transport's transponder antenna, and that was Cheese Wedge.
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Oh, so WW's going to get fried by her own ion cannon and end up flat on her back two feet away from Moontear. :)  Good thing too, MT looks pretty bad off.  I doubt she would last long on Hoth without help.  I smell character development.
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That's a bold, but actually rather likely prediction.
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I like the detail that we can see her cutiemark throug her damaged suit.
I like the adaptation of the movie's phrase. Like the fact that at the end of the evac the lauch two transport with two escort, so 1 by transport. Well done.
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The idea was to parallel Dark Feather's battle damage in the last volume :)
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Where, physically, is that device located?
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