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Star Mares 2.1.25: ...Nightmare

I think most of you were probably expecting this.  After all, of the Mane Six, Fluttershy is the only one who is canonically terrifying, and she comes with a ready-made boss form to boot.

The meaning of Cookiecutter's cutie mark talent has evolved a bit since its original explanation.  At first I envisioned it as just being almost supernaturally tough, but that didn't quite fit the narrative I was developing for her.  By this point, it's basically as though she's running through life on 'god mode' - she's more or less immune to any sort of damage a videogame character could sustain.  At least, that's what she thinks...

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Trope me.
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Ah two-parters
sora765's avatar
so now fluttershy in her bat pony form is now a villain?
DukeyDukeyDoo's avatar
That's the end? 

You shouldn't cue happy music like that at the end of a cliffhanger like this. 

You should have said: "Cue Dramatic Sting Music!*
KittyTheS's avatar
When the show itself follows up dramatic cliffhangers with a light and peppy refrain of "Myyyy little ponyyyyyy," I think I'm justified in following suit :)
Sturmlion1's avatar
Now just what would a Vampire Fluttershy be doing in a Star Wars style universe?
KittyTheS's avatar
Winging it.


's a bat-pun :P
Dante-Wynter's avatar
Oh boy! (he said excitedly)
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bauerle's avatar
Could we get a close-up of CC's CM? I can't really make it out...
KittyTheS's avatar
You can just zoom in the image, it doesn't get any clearer than that.  It's based on the shield pickup from Dark Forces/Jedi Knight:…
Flutterbutter want dat cookie.....
AJR001's avatar
Cookiecutter, hope you didn't need that blood... :XD:
Aprion's avatar
dun dun duuuun... :D
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Oh boy. Quickly, draw an anti-Flutterbat circle in the dirt.
malefor007's avatar
Fl-Fluttershy?  Oh, no!
shyal-malkes's avatar
And she just had to go tempting fate, didn't she.
KittyTheS's avatar
But of course. This is melodrama, after all :)
zenlord22's avatar
Called it, hello fluttershy love the bat look your going for
NecromancerKing85's avatar
v-v-v-vampire *shoots her with plasma rifle*
neoaustin's avatar
*Your computer is now a pile of plasma scored slag.*
NecromancerKing85's avatar
warkins's avatar
well the mystery of the 4 black stars on twilights cutie mark has been solved i guess(unless your throwing us for a loop and shes actually good) thou i forgot what the black stars mean.

this also compleetly blows one of my dark feather theories out of the water since i thought it was fluttershy with either one of those horn tiara things or luna's lost horn that was implement into the helmet of dark feather.

back to the drawing board ow well.
KittyTheS's avatar
Sometimes I suspect you're just throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks :p
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