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Star Mares 2.1.23: Finders Keepers

I went through all the trouble of designing Cookiecutter's weapon, and then I went and put it on the side that faces away from us in the majority of subsequent panels.  This is the downside of spontaneity.

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Trope me.
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MLPstargear's avatar
Wait how would cookie cutter even use that gun. Like FoE mouth grip or something?
KittyTheS's avatar
The grip is molded to the hoof and the trigger is mental. Casters work by converting the latent natural magic of non-unicorns into the same kind of overt power as a ray spell.
MLPstargear's avatar
Oh that is really creative. That also explains why they never need reload.
darthrivan's avatar
Ha ha. Cookie likes the crown. Princess Cookiecutter? Sounds more like a mascot for a snack food company than royalty to me though.
KittyTheS's avatar
Nintendo's is named 'Peach' :P
darthrivan's avatar
True, and unlike her I doubt Cookie needs saving from a plumber who does more running and jumping than actually pipe and septic repairs.
tigreanpony's avatar
Uh-oh you are being watched, I have a feeling Trixie might be showing up. Looking forward to the continuation, can't wait.
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A sentinel watches her...
A cheap knockoff? There's no such thing as a shiny object that is a cheap knock-off. If it looks shiny, then it really is shiny, and that's the only attribute that matters.

Ask Spring Clean if you don't believe me.
KittyTheS's avatar
But all too often the shiny is just a thin veneer and rubs off quickly :( (like my old Undersea Iron Man not-really-a-bath-toy).
tom117z's avatar
Always wanted to be a princess have we Cookie? :P

I wonder who that crown belonged to before order 66 or whatever its equivalent was.
KittyTheS's avatar
It belonged to Spring Clean's mother's cousin's former roommate, who otherwise has no name or identity because her only role in the story was to be a one-off Spaceballs joke.
albedoequals1's avatar
Considering that Cookie Cutter is based on Kyle Katarn, and

SPOILERKyle becomes a jedi master eventually,SPOILER

it's not unexpected
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MeteorstarTheArtcher's avatar
XD this is my favorite one yet! XD and who is that XD i bet we will find out next comic page XD oh gosh i'm fan girling right now pretty hard X'D that is what happens when my two favorite things get put together.... XD i have a pretty good feeling that Cookiecutter is gonna become a jedi/alicorn. XD
Dante-Wynter's avatar
Well, somepony saw you - and now it's all over social media.
KittyTheS's avatar
Is there a rule for "if a pony exists, there is a princess of it?"
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Well good news,she didn't see you. Bad news,someone else did
TP-Night's avatar
That crown DID look good on her ^^

Also, regarding designing the weapon and then not use it...

Now you already have it pre-made if / when you DO need it visible in later pages. More work now, less work later. :D
KittyTheS's avatar
I should have her trade Spring the Bryar caster for the alicrown..
Aprion's avatar
stranegly enough it kinda suits her :D
KittyTheS's avatar
Well, not really strange, since it was designed with the intention that she would wear it eventually :P  But that's a bit meta.
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