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Star Mares 2.1.20: Welcome Distraction

For this page I decided to reenvision what the interior of a cockpit designed for ponies would look like (the fact that I couldn't find any really useful references for the inside of the Moldy Crow being a contributing factor to this decision).  The flight couches at least would carry forward into the design of Cadance's ship in the special (which was done after this).

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Trope me.
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I'm sure it's Hoofdessen or some other bad pun on a Legends planet. No, wait. Odesshoof. Yeah, that sounds better
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I'll keep that one in mind for the future...
I sense a Fluttershy related something or other here.... see the color of said beam that knocks them out. Yellow and Pink.

Also.. planet looks like it's in the process of being terraformed, green slowly encroching on the planet.
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It's based on an established planet with distinct hemispherical ecosystems.  This was sketched over a picture from Wookiepedia.
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someone was inspired by this cutscene:…
KittyTheS's avatar
Probably. Been ages since I last played it...
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This is why I always build a hypervelocity cannon on every planet, even the ones with no strategic value.
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Fuel cells = 1000 credits
Repairs to their ship = 100000 credits
Cookie Cutter's face at that 1st panel = PRICELESS

:XD: :XD:
I wanna say they'll survive that.... but then, they're not ratchet and clank..... They iced Jak and Daxter everyone! SPOILERS FTW! XD
KittyTheS's avatar
Well, Cookiecutter is immune to almost all damage, and Spring Clean has limited awareness of being a cartoon character, so their chances are pretty good... not 100%, though.
Mm-hm mm-hm. I see. Do they got a long-running video game series with a plethora of unorthodox weapons?.... Owo.....
I guess 'Shy doesn't want visitors.

Though with her being another black star, it's hardly surprising that she'd be somewhat unwelcoming.
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Now I have David Bowie's 'Black☆Star' stuck in my head... (or at least the music video, the song itself is kind of non-melodic).
tyruvelp's avatar
did fluttershy become a alicorn???

looks like a fluttershy lazor 
She IS da lazer..... you're welcome....
KittyTheS's avatar
No, she didn't.
GwDuncan's avatar
I am surprised she have not killed spring, I know I would if she kept going like that for.......How long has she been doing it?
KittyTheS's avatar
Three days. Nonstop.
GwDuncan's avatar
.............I would have thrown her out of the air lock by then, like this and hope the force(or magic in this case) would not make her a ghost
KittyTheS's avatar
The main problem with that is that the Crow doesn't have an airlock :P
GwDuncan's avatar
Then you make one by shooting the windows ;)
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