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Star Mares 2.1.17: ...Keeps the Medpoid Away

Moontear may seem unnecessarily petty at some times, but when you remember that she basically considers herself 'Captain Equestria' and is constantly being confronted by reminders that the Empire doesn't live up to her standards (and reformed or not, real or not, Applejack is a pretty hard reminder to ignore), her reactions are fairly understandable.

This page was mashed together out of two script pages, because I wanted desperately to keep both panel 2 and panel 4 (which were originally the punchlines of their respective pages), but I needed the extra page for the double spread that's coming next, and this scene was starting to drag on in any case.  I was still editing it up until last night to smooth out the edges of the dialogue and keep continuity with stuff that happens later.

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Can't lie for a week or two? You won't last five minutes in the Imperial Service if you can't...stretch the truth a bit.
KittyTheS's avatar
She's lasted more than five years already with a minimum of stretching. It helps that she's about a billion times richer than Scrooge McDuck.
O_o..... huh....
*swipes an apple and gets into my Mercedes before AJ notices*
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Not only did it heal her wounds, it also fixed her hair!
KittyTheS's avatar
I'm a bit sad about that :(  The mussy version said a lot more about her personality.
Isenlyn's avatar
Owww, I expected her to speak with a country accent. XD
She so would have snaped to AJ. XD
Aprion's avatar
that woulda bee hilarious XD
Sturmlion1's avatar
Because magical fruits that spring magically from the ground get rid of magical force ghosts?
Well, were you expecting the hallucination-tree's hallucination-fruit to cure you of hallucinating? I'd expect it to make you hallucinate more, if anything.
KittyTheS's avatar
Remember, kids, "JUST SAY NO!"
AJR001's avatar
Moontear, you have eyes and you don't want to see the obvious... :XD:
KittyTheS's avatar
There's a reason she's got 'Arbitrary Skepticism' on her character tropes page...
tyruvelp's avatar
could be worse, could be metroids 
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that was awesome, very cool. I'm really liking the story here, keep up the great work.
Reshiram95's avatar
Oh moon tear even if you eat it she still will hunt you around 😄 like a ghost she is

she will hunt you like this XD xxrhian-midnightxx.deviantart.…
MDWebster's avatar
I'm not going to lie, we got ourselves a food supply for the trip.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
So ponies can eat gems too? Huh, I guess spike could share his jewel jar now.
KittyTheS's avatar
It just looks like a gem (same way crystal ponies do when they go all sparkly).
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Oh ok which reminds me what happened to spike in this story
KittyTheS's avatar
<geoffreyrush>I don't know.  It's a mystery.</geoffreyrush>
inb4 spike is the emperor
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