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Star Mares 1.4: Neigh On Target



So begins the final issue of the first volume.  As usual, the cover showcases a part of the film plot that I wanted to touch base with but didn't want to actually do, because space battles are hard to begin with and get harder when you only have three possible ways to display the ships (makes me wish I actually knew how to use Blender sometimes).  Of course, there are still some elements of the battle throughout the issue, since I could hardly ignore the sequence that takes up the entire final quarter of the movie.

The Dark Feather model is starting to show its limitations here.  I've given her a bit of a redesign in volume 2/EpV to hopefully look a bit more intimidating and less like she was put together by someone who didn't really know what they were doing yet.  Thankfully she looks a bit better on the actual pages of this issue, since there I didn't have to try to fit her into the tiny space between the title and the X-wing.

This issue may seem a bit staid in comparison to the previous one - I have a tendency to let talky bits overtake the action, because I like being clever with words, and because there's a lot of stuff that needs to be said in this issue to set up for volume 2 which I didn't want to get into earlier.  I hope it still meets with your approval nonetheless.

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In the days leading up to Star Wars VII, I said this way too many times.

I'm surprised my wife let me live.