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Star Mares 1.4.7: Beauty School Dropout



UPDATE: Fixed the brightness and Gracenote's missing cutie mark in panel 1 :)

There's no particular reason why my titles tend to reference musical theatre numbers lately, it's just whatever comes to me on posting day :)  While I greatly enjoyed the recent live broadcast of 'Grease,' I felt that this song in particular (though otherwise awesome) was kind of missing its teeth due to Boyz II Men being altogether too nice.  (And just don't get me started about 'Greased Lightning').

I sometimes feel sarcasm is a dying art, as the medium it is most appropriate to (the Internet) is totally incapable of conveying its subtleties.  Or its more overt elements, for that matter.  Ponies, of course, have another handicap in that regard since they can't exactly do traditional "air quotes" (ear flicks, maybe?)

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Trope me.
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