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Star Mares 1.4.27: End Credits



A few years ago, we used to write noir detective comedies using The Sims 2, and every story would end with a credits page where we'd assign different classic noir actors to the roles and think we were terribly clever.

At this point, I think I'm doing it out of habit.  For this project I've assigned voices to everypony from the casts of MLP (all generations), Star Wars spinoff media (mostly Clone Wars), and the Avatar series (because much of the same team worked on Clone Wars).

(I was going to cast someone else as Spring Clean, but my wife kept referring to her as 'Irish Pinkie Pie', so I was overruled).

Stay tuned for the cover of the interlude special, posting tomorrow!  (and the compiled issues of 1.4 later today)

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Trope me.
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Skywalker was a girl!!!!!! XD I didn't know that XD
Isn't Ashley Eckstien Ahsoka voice or something