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Star Mares 1.4.18: To The Finish



Hold on, let me get my flameproof armor on... OK, fire away.

I hope I established Moontear's flight instincts enough in previous issues that it's believable that she could push Dark Feather just far enough out of the way of a blast bolt that it passes between them and only lightly scorches them both.  The panel is also meant as a bit of a callback to when Wind Whistler pushed Moontear out of the way of the Smooze blob, but I suspect nobody would get that if I didn't tell them.

In case you missed the omake which Skywalker's line is referring back to, it's here.

Incidentally, this is the 101st regular comic post (including covers).  I thought it was the 100th, but DA's stats say otherwise, unless I missed one when I recategorized all the print-quality pieces.  So, milestone fanfare.

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Trope me.
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Everyone saw this coming... right?