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Star Mares 1.3: Track-tor Beam



UPDATE: Link to full issue (in .pdf and .cbz) down below.

I envy good cover artists - I don't have the knack of making sure everything important is on the front but the back isn't left fallow, and still balancing the image as a complete entity.  For the one-page version of this cover that'll be in the compiled issue, I had to go back to the original file and move the ponies a bit to the right so that the balance wouldn't be completely off.

I know some of you have expressed confusion as to why I put the film characters on the covers when the comic doesn't really involve them.  It's precisely because the comic doesn't feature them that I showcase them on the cover - there are some scenes from the films that I don't want to miss, but they just don't fit within the structural and narrative constraints I'm enforcing for myself.  Although the cover format comes with its own limitations, of course: this image isn't really what I envision this scene looking like in 'reality' (it should look more like the aerial combat in 'The Cutie Remark', mostly beamspam and shields).

That said, this issue will intersect a bit more with the film events than the previous two by dint of the heroes and the background ponies being in the same physical location for the first time since the beginning.  There are a lot of good 'door farce/ships that pass in the night' moments in the next 26 pages.

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At last they meet for the first time for the last time.