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Star Mares 1.3.26: Breakdown on the Final Lap



Something about a half-obscured face makes it look especially intimidating.  Replacing Peter Cushing's clipped tones with a southern drawl, slightly less so, but I think the effect still comes together nicely.

And so we come to the end of issue 1.3!  This issue had its challenges and triumphs, but on the whole I thought it was a definite improvement over the previous two.  It certainly had a lot of my favorite moments of the whole comic (so far) in it.  I'd like to think that 1.4 and going forward will live up to the same standards, but I'll let you all be the judge of that.

As usual, an omake page tomorrow and the compiled issue, before we start in with the issue 1.4 cover on Friday.  I hope you're all looking forward to the thrilling (or at least droll and diverting) conclusion of 'A New Horse' :)

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I say cue especially happy theme music. Step up the beat, put it in an obnoxiously cheery key, all of it. Throw the audience for a loop.