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Star Mares 1.2: Hocksiliary Power



UPDATE 2: Link to full issue (in .pdf and .cbz) down below.

UPDATE: I apparently forgot that Skywalker was a pegasus.  Fixed now.

Sorry, no jokes today, unless you count the atrocious pony pun.

This one requires a little explanation, though.  As you can see, Wookiees are griffons.  I was originally going to have the background ponies inciting a griffon slave revolt as part of their escape plan from the Nightmare Moon.  Then I actually tried to create a griffon and realized it's ten times harder than creating a pony, and I'd need a lot of them for that scene and they'd all have to be unique, not just recolors.  So my brain went 'nnnnope,' and thus I lost the opportunity to explain in-comic why griffons only communicate in squawks and growls in this verse, despite being perfectly articulate in canon.

So here it is: in this era, the planet that we think of as 'Equestria' has been completely swallowed up by the Canterlot Ecumenopolis (most ponies just call the entire planet 'Canterlot').  This expansion led to virtually all non-ponies, and quite a few pony communities, resettling on other planets.  Resettling the griffons was easy and barely required any diplomacy - just a LOT of bits (and a nice shiny new homeworld).  However, they are still a haughty race, and so to preserve their pride after losing their homeland, they vowed as a species to never speak the pony tongue again.

With that out of the way, meet our two new mane characters who you won't see again until the next interlude: Can Soda (the yellow swoosh on his cutie mark was an obvious fix for the Corellian bloodstripes) and Growlbeakka (following the griffon tendency to have names beginning with G).  Your regularly scheduled punchlines resume the day after tomorrow.

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Han Stallio and Chewbeaka?