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Star Mares 1.2.5: It's Not Bragging If It's True



Another new character based on an Expanded Universe figure.  This one should be more obvious than the last one, although not until you hear her name on the next page.  Any similarities between her and Rainbow Dash are completely intentional and will be the source of both humor and brooding psychological drama in the future.  Just don't read her in Rainbow's voice - she hates that.

The planet of Cloudsdale is the ponyverse's equivalent of Kuat - an industrial center known particularly for starships.  It's a gas giant (where else would pegasi settle?) that takes the basic concept of the city on the show and expands it to a planet-wide scale.  One of these days I'm going to have to run an RPG in this setting so I have an excuse to go there, since no matter how I attempt to convince myself, it doesn't make sense for it to replace Bespin.

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"Just don't read her in Rainbow's voice - she hates that."

NOW YOU TELL ME!... (after i read the page first)