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Star Mares 1.2.26: Didn't See That One Coming



I don't care what the rest of you say - Rarity is best pony, and I feel really bad about doing this to her, but the story required an emotional beat at this point (Halteraan may mean something to the ponies in-universe, but it doesn't mean an awful lot to us on the outside).  As for why her, I'd like to say it's because she's the only one of the six with direct experience of the Nightmare Force, but that would be me making up reasons on the spot because I don't actually remember how this particular development crept into my script.  Sleep deprivation has a way of doing that.

Actually, I think it was because I really wanted Gracenote to do this bit, and Rarity is the one most like her.  Or maybe not.  That's the trouble with having a three-month buffer - writing up author's notes becomes a bit like Doctor Who actors recording commentary after they've forgotten everything about the production.  The one thing I can conclusively say is that I wasn't influenced by reader pressure in any way, since this page was done before the first issue was half-way posted.

Anyhow, thanks for sticking with me through another issue of my little comic.  Issue 1.3 starts in two days, but tomorrow we'll have another omake, so stay tuned :)  It keeps getting better, if I say so myself.

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