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Star Mares 1.2.15: Black Hat



Originally Tarkin was going to be another original pony known as 'Toffee Bark,' but when I got into scripting, that didn't really satisfy me.  Then I got the idea of combining Tarkin and Grievous, being two major and seriously threatening villains who pretty much became background characters in their own movies (it was years after I first saw it before I realized that Tarkin was actually the main villain of 'A New Hope').  As for why this particular pony got the role, I admit to being somewhat inspired by the 'best background pony' meme: like the two aforementioned, she's a major character who all-too-often gets pushed into a secondary role.  As for why she's a bad guy now... 'spoilers' :P

This page was incredibly difficult to put together due to two of the participants being horse-sized, and the need to keep all the background ponies in the background.  After this, I actually bothered to create a 'folded wing' pose for Dark Feather to allow more room to work, and I loosened up the restriction on where background characters could appear in the scene - now they only have to be in the background if they talk.

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wait is Applejack supposed to be General Grevious