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Star Mares 1.2 .1: All According to Plan



This page underwent a lot of revision between draft and final form.  Originally, Cookiecutter was just going to be annoyed at Maple Leaf's nervousness (because Cookiecutter is a very blunt pony), but that seemed excessively mean-spirited, even for her.  Then when I was deciding on what font to use for the visual representation of Maple's jitters, I settled on a fairly bold one, and on a whim decided that everypony (except possibly Wind Whistler) could actually see it.  This worked so well that I kept it up as a running gag over the next few pages, until I got tired of thinking of synonyms for 'fear'.

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Trope me.
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Of all the times she had to pick being a total scaredy-pony, she had to pick today!