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Star Mares 1.1.20: Make Friends Where You Find 'Em



Because of course there would be showers outside a garbage smasher.  I was really proud of this locker room set, and you never get to see more than half of it :(  But at least it means they're finally almost rid of the stormhoofer armor (not that what they get into next is that much easier to work with, but at that point I started saving poses of them in it, whereas these I had to stick their heads onto stormhoofer bodies for every pose).

Anyhow, this here is Cookiecutter, the first new character whose name has nothing at all to do with her cutie mark, because it was chosen to sound like the EU character she was based on.

I get a kick out of all the Celestia-based profanity these ponies spew.  I'm not a fan of sci-fi swears (which basically just sound rude but have no actual connotations that makes them so), but really elaborate oaths are awesome because you can tell they're meant to be offensive.

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Does 'EU' stand for Extended Universe? If so can you clear up who and were exactly, there's a lot of ground to cover there.