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:halfliquid: Terms and Conditions :halfliquid:

All textures are free to use for commercial and personal use, royalty/cost free. Feel free to use these without any kind of permission or credit as long as you read the following:

Textures may be used for:
Illustration, Photo manipulation, Websites, Printed articles such as magazines, Promotional use, for business identity (business cards etc) 3D modeling work
If you're not sure if this covers what you plan to do, feel free to note kittytextures or Naughty-kittykitty to double check before use.

Do NOT use:
to discriminate against others race/sex/religion, in any kind of unlawful activity (or in any way which would breach the law), in any way to bring about a bad name to Deviant art, kittytextures or myself (or others who may wish to contribute to kittytextures), to create logo's or trade marked work.

A few final extras:
Do NOT simply redistribute the image as it is! Please use this stock for creative purposes, integrating it in your own work.

Do NOT sell the images in this gallery as they are, again they must be integrated in your own work.

Do NOT simply change the colour/edit slightly and then use/sell the images as your own.

If you dont fully understand or have further questions, check the F.A.Q: kittytextures.deviantart.com/j…
Or note either kittytextures or Naughty-kittykitty
© 2007 - 2024 kittytextures
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Thanks! I may use your textures for IMVU products. ;) Thank you so much! ^_^