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:halfliquid: f.a.Q :halfliquid:

•Do I need to credit your DA account?
Nope, you don't have to, though I would enjoy to see what you make with the stock, and also to help spread the word about the stock for use here :3

•Can I sell my works as prints on DA if I use your stock?
You sure can! As long as the Deviantations follow DA's rules your fine.

•Do you use these stock photos?
I definatly do, I use them for my illustration work over at my official account Naughty-kittykitty they really come in handy!

•How do I incorporate these pictures into my own work?
Check out the favs in this gallery, there should be helpful tutorials there that can teach you how!

•Who takes all these photos?
It tells you under each deviantation, so you can easily find out who created them :3 Most of them will be created by me (Naughty-kittykitty

•Can I post the pictures unchanged somewhere else?
No definatly not, please don't redistribute the images in this gallery as they are, or try to make money off them, please be considerate to myself and others as a source like this should be cherished among the art community. Check further terms and conditions here: kittytextures.deviantart.com/j…

•Is this account a club?
Not directly, but it should be a good place for you to come and share textures and stock or show us what you've created with them :3

•Can I contribute to the gallery/submit stock to the gallery?
If you want to share some of your textures/stock you can either email me your favorites for me to upload (I simply cant upload hundreds so just your favs or something you might think people will like) to kittytextures and I'll give credit to you. I only accept textures you've created yourself, and if they are uploaded into Kitty Textures, they will be under the gallery rules, so check them first to make sure you want to share for personal and commercial use. To email me textures, use your user name as subject line and simply attach the textures and email them to: kittytextures@gmail.com

Otherwise if you want to share but don't want to be under the same rules as Kitty Textures, just upload some into your gallery and I'll fav to share them with others!

•I have a tutorial on how to use textures in illustration/3D/design, can I contribute somehow?
Definatly! send me a link and I'll +fav the tutorial for others to learn from!

•Do you take texture requests?
Yep! as long as I can find it I'll do my best to bring it to the gallery :D

•I still can't find any information about what I need to know, what can I do?
If I haven't covered a paticular question, you need something cleared up or simply want to more info, note the gallery: kittytextures, note me personally over at Naughty-kittykitty or email me at kittytextures@gmail.com and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.
You can also try the terms and conditions page: kittytextures.deviantart.com/j…
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