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It's been an awfully long time and I'm not even sure if people are still around, but if you are, hello there! :wave:

We took this last year to celebrate our 7th year of "togetherness" as we wandered around the mountains. It's funny to constantly think it all started here on DeviantART.

But what have you been up to? It'd be lovely to reconnect with you, drop me a line! :heart:



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May 20, 2014, 4:13:19 PM
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maguis's avatar
I'm still around! I follow you like a crazy person on facebook and Instagram, and I'm always waiting for your next blog post, but is so good to have you back on Deviantart! Your work is amazing, and such an inspiration =D
Heart Heart Heart 
kittysyellowjacket's avatar
Oh wow! That is an awful lot of support, thank-you so, so, so much! I am so grateful and also surprised I haven't scared you away over the years. Anyway, really and truly, thank-you for all your beautiful support! :heart:
maguis's avatar
Oh, it gets better every year =D
Love from Argentina! 
juliewood's avatar
still here and missing the days you were active on the internet. those 365 project days, i mean. sometimes i wonder if you still are shooting photos, hehehe.
i truly respect your decision about being more "offline", but just want you to know that you were a true inspiration to me and now i'm lacking of inspiraton.
anyways, take care kitty, and know that i'm still here, there and everywhere to follow you.
kittysyellowjacket's avatar
Oh Julie, this breaks my heart in two. I truly wish I could spend more time online and it was definitely never a conscious decision to disappear; life just became faster paced and I sadly couldn't be around as much as I was busy chasing up clients, shooting and sleeping between! Thank-you for your sweetest words of support though, you are a wonderful soul and just because I may not be around doesn't mean I won't be sending you big love! :heart:
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This is a really good piece! 
Amazing! :D DeviantArt  Clap 
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TwoBlueMoons's avatar
Glad to see you guys are still going strong.  :3
kittysyellowjacket's avatar
Aww, thank-you! Yep, we're getting married next year, it's scary how fast time flies! I feel like it's time for retirement soon.
TwoBlueMoons's avatar
fhjdfkshalhj cuuuuute!
hidarime-images's avatar

I was just idly browsing the thumbnails and I thought no, surely not, but yes, one click later and it really was Kittysyellowjacket back on DA!  Back for a while or just a hit and run?  I’ve occasionally dipped into your blog every now and again and so I’ve followed you’re photographic world over time.  Your images and words are always heart warming to see and read.  Nice to see you back here, hopefully a bit more often! :)

kittysyellowjacket's avatar
Oh wow, that is so kind of you! Thank-you heaps! Hopefully back for a while so it'll be lovely to see more of your work around too! [:
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