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Purebreds - Dustpelt and Ferncloud



Kitty loving time~ Top fave couple throughout the entire story; Dustpelt and Ferncloud <3

I don't mean to say that couples such as BrightxCloud, SandxFire and SorrelxBracken aren't as adorable; but the idea with this was to illustrate the couple I like best story-wise and character-wise. And I find that DustxFern was the most... constant couple, when it came to personality. Their development was darling, and throughout the series neither of the two 'flattened', to put it that way - and the fact that they had this perfect feeling of "yep we'll grow old together" that I loved so much. 

Now, onto the purebred part here, hehe. Dustpelt might be a bit buff for his breed, but I've decided he's an European Shorthair (it runs in the family, as Sandstorm, his niece, is also this breed - it comes from Robinwing :3) but I've always imagined him to be rather a little bigger than average. Thankfully nothing was wrong genetically with his design "breathes out in relief", and the only issue was making his fur colour a little less saturated, than other dark tabbies. We've always gotten the idea in the books that Dustpelt is duskier in his fur colour than f.ex. Tigerstar and the like. (At least, that's what I feel)

For Fernie, she's a beautiful grey spotted tabby Turkish Angora (again, familial similarity, remember my purebred Cinderpelt?), and again, there was no need to fret over her design. She's one of the very few girls of this family tree in which there's nothing wrong to find. Amazing right? xD

Oh, and she's also now taken the spot of being the till-now most difficult cat to paint; a spotted pattern on long fur is so confusing...

P.S. His wikia didn't mention any scars, but I could hardly imagine Dustpelt, with his temper, to be without a nick or two in the ears~ ;P

(c) Dearly disliked Erin Hunter
Art: Me

EDIT: Watermarked because I am goddamn tired of finding these all over the internet without so much as a puny link back to me.
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Yeah... it is a bit weird that they are related.. why Erin, why??