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Mermaid Magic by KittySib Mermaid Magic :iconkittysib:KittySib 13 13
Because I'm Scum
I wish I knew what to say to you-
how to explain so you'll understand.
From things you've said,
you don't understand at all why I can't talk to you-
won't talk to you.
It wasn't because you had no home,
it wasn't just the drinking and drugs.
From the beginning,
we thought about things very differently.
There are many things we didn't agree on,
but the main reason I can't talk to you anymore is Selfish.
I felt utterly helpless and frustrated at myself-
I'd want to avoid talking to you because it upset me-
I wanted to stop the horrible feeling that I was scum:
I talked to you because I felt it was an obligation-
not because I felt like we were good friends-
It was like I was lying every time I was in contact.
I was lying, selfish, human scum.
Being in contact felt toxic,
like I was poisoned by my horrifying human nature.
I tried to explain,
tried to tell you-
but you didn't listen.
You tried to bully and guilt me into maintaining contact-
But whatever reasons I might h
:iconkittysib:KittySib 4 15
Glowing Cat by KittySib Glowing Cat :iconkittysib:KittySib 14 11
Cell Phone Crisis
The utter stress and panic as you realize:
You lost your phone.
as you check the clothes in the washing machine,
drawers, closets, couches, corners...
Anywhere you can think of.
Looking in the fridge and freezer.
Desolation as you fail to find it.
Praying it won't surface when the laundry is done.
Home alone,
no landline,
no way to contact anyone,
no one to help you.
Despair and adrenaline:
a brutal cocktail that lingers,
even after miraculously finding the cursed thing.
Chills, nausea, headache.
Crisis averted-
but the cost of dealing is catastrophic.
Such a small item to have your life tied to...
:iconkittysib:KittySib 4 9
Glimpse of the Unattainable Path by KittySib Glimpse of the Unattainable Path :iconkittysib:KittySib 17 5 Leopard Mouse by KittySib Leopard Mouse :iconkittysib:KittySib 14 15
Short and To the Point
Facade: I'm fine. Nothing is wrong. Pay no attention to this Shadow.
Internal screams: Look at me! SEE me! Want to KNOW me. Try to be important to me! Care about me!
Reality: Too scared to trust. So much locked away I'm not whole. Slowly fading into the Darkness.
:iconkittysib:KittySib 3 6
Cut My Strings and Walk Away
    There once was a time I believed. When I hoped. When I tried. Yes, those times often left me drowning in despair, with scars and tears the only things I got to keep. So much time is lost, so many dreams and selves crushed into nothingness. I always feared "the middle"-that numb sense of not being alive, of not having any emotions. I would rather fly or drown than stay in that gray existence. Now, so many years later, jaded, cynical, hopeless, I've given up on people, on love, on a future worth dreaming of. My scars are fading, my sense of being is numb, and even though I can see that I have a life, have things going on, I  have nothing that can prove to me that I am Real. I feel like a Shadow, with no past, no future-just a wisp of memoryless dreamscape that will vanish without a trace. I haven't left a mark, I haven't made a difference, and I don't really exist. When faced with such a daunting now, what could possibly prove these things other
:iconkittysib:KittySib 5 1
Fading by KittySib Fading :iconkittysib:KittySib 3 1 Play With Me! by KittySib Play With Me! :iconkittysib:KittySib 15 13 Heat Haze by KittySib Heat Haze :iconkittysib:KittySib 6 2
Look Out!
I am a monster.
I wear the guise of a human-
which is bad enough...
But on days like today...
I would kill with a thought,
I fester angry, bitter thoughts,
I can't handle annoyances,
I just want everyone to leave me alone.
I'd make everything to vanish from my existence.
Days like today, 
I'd put that big red button,
laugh as everything ignites in flames.
Yes, I'm hangry.
Yes I'm in a lot of physical pain.
No, I don't think it gives me the right to destroy everyone.
I am a monster.
If only I didn't have a human heart,
then maybe I could be someone worth knowing,
but my very humanity is monstrous and evil.
Maybe I'll feel differently later,
but right now....
I shall seek solitude so I don't smite anyone....O
:iconkittysib:KittySib 5 11
Zzzz by KittySib Zzzz :iconkittysib:KittySib 15 9 So Cute! by KittySib So Cute! :iconkittysib:KittySib 21 5
Melancholy Lies
I'm not lonely,
staring out my window.
Wishes and dreams pass me by,
but I swear I'm not lonely.
After all this time,
I no longer need those foolish hopes,
such a fool I was to dream.
There is no one waiting.
It's ok, it's ok,
I'm not lonely.
Deep inside to lock everyone out-
sometimes the quiet overwhelms.
It's ok, no one can hurt me.
Close the blinds on yesterday,
all it is is empty.
There's no one there,
but I swear I'm not lonely.
Looking at the wisps of tomorrow as the stars fade,
Sometimes I linger on the edge of sorrow.
There's no one there.
I know that no one's waiting.
It's ok, it's ok,
I'm not lonely.
Deep inside to lock everyone out-
sometimes the quiet overwhelms.
It's ok, no one can hurt me.
What's so great about crowds?
Even in one, I'm still alone.
So much to take in,
I'll just watch from here.
As I brush against the dreams of others,
sometimes I regret.
Still, I swear I'm not lonely,
because I have myself.
It's ok, it's ok,
I'm not lonely.
Deep inside to lock everyone o
:iconkittysib:KittySib 11 5
Breaking Through the Shadows
    "Trina? Katrina?" exclaimed the unfamiliar man, blue eyes intense and focused on me as if I might vanish.
    "Um...? I'm sorry... Have we... met?" I asked hesitantly, my vibrant purple clenched tightly in my left had as I edged backwards.
    Shocked by my response, his skin paled and it took visible effort for him to regain control."That's rather cold, don't you think? I'm Sam. You know me... We dated intensely for over a year before we broke up..."
    I froze, hazel eyes boring into him as if by looking hard enough I could remember him. "I-" frowning, I bit my lower lip. "I'm sorry... Sam? I- I don't... How-how long has it been since we...had contact?"
    Sam dragged his hand through curly, dark brown hair and sighed. "One and a half years. I had to take care of my terminally ill parents, and... You wouldn't come with me-and I knew I'd have no time so... we broke up..."
    Instinctively, my hand went
:iconkittysib:KittySib 5 0

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
profile pic was created by :icongattoshou: They do amazing commissions like mine!

My icon was created by :iconackeren-art: They also do amazing commissions like mine!

Writing is my passion. I also draw some and crochet(a LOT). I now have a shop on etsy to sell the blankets I make.
The shop name is BlanketKitten. Feel free to check it out!…
Cat blob by photosoph
I want to reach out with my writings and inspire others. Even though it is easy to get lost in the darkness, one can almost always find a light-if you look for one. Some days even I don't look for the light...
Apparently I'm INFP, but aspects of it are a little skewed due to mental illness. I may be a bit strange and unconventional-I am a Kitty Cat Imperialist. (and yes, I'm serious) Anyways, I like making new friends. I try and be a nice person. Sometimes I watch people on DA because they seem really interesting! I hope you find what you are looking for and have a great day!
All shall be accomplished while serving the Kitties, who rule this world, though it is not widely known.

I have a novel in progress with my writing partner :icondevontomatocat: You can find all of it in my gallery in it's folder: Slipping Between Dreams. Feedback is always welcome!:D…

I also have an account :iconamnesiarose: I don't currently post stuff there, but I can't bear to delete it...

I love to read books, especially Ilona Andrews, David Weber, Anne Bishop, Louis L'Amour, Ali Brandon, Sofie Kelly, Lorna Freeman and Bruce Coville.
I'm a HUGE manga and anime fan! Some of my favorites are: Fairy Tail, Chobits, XXXHolic, Kamisama Kiss, Library Wars, Vampire Game, Mugen Spiral, and anything by Yuji Iwahara-including but not limited to Cats Paradise and King of Thorn.

My taste in music is varied, But some bands I absolutely adore are: Five Finger Death Punch, Three Days Grace, Five Iron Frenzy, Muse, Evanescence, Two Steps From Hell, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Shawn Mendes, Epica, Nightwish and Blind Guardian. I also like to listen to a LOT of Nightcore on Youtube.

My main interests are writing, drawing, crocheting, listening to music, reading, watching anime, cats, tigers, dragons, time travel, alternate realities, magic ect. I have blue and purple hair, which I found to be a very important life choice in order to help with my depression.

I post a fairly wide collection of art types. Poetry, song, stories and chapters, cat pics, blanket pics, drawings and digital art (mostly DAmuro), and the occasional random other things. Being creative is something I cherish a lot, and one of the things I can't handle being cut off from. It's an important part of me, and I hope you'll appreciate it too! :D

:iconrainbowsparkleplz: If you'd like to chat about books, anime, or anything else, feel free to note me! I'm not usually a monster :iconhappykitty-plz: :iconrainbowsparkleplz:

Have you ever had to block someone on social media? 

13 deviants said Yes, but only once or twice
8 deviants said Yes, all the time
1 deviant said No
1 deviant said 0.0 Pray tell, what is this social media you speak of???
No deviants said I am a cat so... I run the internet... <o>_<o> I have no need of such a feeble resort!=^.^=
In order to stir up some interest in the ongoing novel Slipping Between Dreams :icondevontomatocat: and I are writing, we're holding a fan art contest!!! Last submissions accepted December 31st, 2018. Please Tag :iconkittysib: in description and mention which category in the contest you're submitting to. Accepting submissions NOW-December 31st!
Novel can be found here:…

No need to be a watcher to join this contest!

There will be 8 categories to submit to, and the rules are simple:
Ketz, Vanessa, Bryce, Thia, Seth and Lester are the character from our novel we'll accept art of. You may submit one entry to each category.
Categories are:
Single character categories:
Iridethia (Thia)
Two or more Characters (all from Slipping Between Dreams)
Your character and ours :(Must not be a human, god, or non related anthro) (acceptable anthro types are: wolf, lynx, tiger, fox, cat, dog) (also acceptable are elves and merpeople) Ketz, Vanessa, Bryce, Thia, Seth or Lester

The top choice from each category will receive 700 points!


In the future I plan on getting a desk so I can draw more traditionally and have a better place to be on my computer. I've been kicking around the idea of making a picture book/comic called The Cult of Common Sense. From the name alone, does it sound interesting, or boring?
Last minute holiday shopping?
People interested in ordering blankets from my etsy shop as Christmas gifts, please do so soon so that they can arrive at the desired location in time!…
Name your top favorite characters from the Fairy Tail anime! Mine are Happy, PantherLily, Natsu, Gajeel, Levy McGarden, Erza, and Lucy!
Before we had the Bongo Cat official full version song, there was this adorable animation:heart:


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