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Mine! by KittySib Mine! :iconkittysib:KittySib 17 6
Slipping Between Dreams Chapter 46
    Written with :iconDevonTomatoCat:
    Well, that was fun, came a rebel thought, soaked in the blood of irony and masked in the ceremonial garb of pure-blooded elite sarcasm. Ketz hung the phone up and sighed as Meitei swung like a loose anchor off his neck. “I was on the phone.”
    “Yeah,” said the child nonchalantly. “So guess what! Guess what grandma bought me today! Guess!”
    Cue another sigh. “A-”
    “Guess! Guess uncle Ketz!”
    What had it been, twenty-four hours since the pub? So that meant it had been about, oh, maybe an hour since the hangover finally left. “A unicorn.”
    “No! Guess!”
    “A school bus.”
    “Nope! Guess!” The child pulled on his arm, urging resolution.
    A televised commercial advertisi
:iconkittysib:KittySib 1 0
Garrus Exploring by KittySib Garrus Exploring :iconkittysib:KittySib 31 31 Baby Garrus Kitten by KittySib Baby Garrus Kitten :iconkittysib:KittySib 29 34
Incongruous Intent
It would be so much easier if I could just
stop caring about other people.
Friends, family, partners...
They wouldn't be able to hurt me
if I didn't care about them.
If I didn't need their time,
if I didn't want their wellbeing and affection
then I wouldn't be so fragile.
I want to be untouchable.
So strong that no one can harm my heart-
I already know I can't.
Can't do that.
Can't be her.
Child of Wrath:
Strong, indestructible,
a force of will and rage that doesn't need anyone.
Doesn't care about others.
Enjoys causing harm.
Why'd it come to this? 
Her or me?
And how am I-
the weak one-
the one who stays?
I can't lock everyone out
no matter how hard I try.
Can't stop these futile desires and emotions,
this need to care and connect.
Is there anyone who can explain this to me?
Why do I have to get hurt all the time?
How do I still end up being stronger in my desires
than the Child of Wrath?
When am I finally going to stop breaking?
:iconkittysib:KittySib 7 6
Royalty by KittySib Royalty :iconkittysib:KittySib 27 14
Harsh Lessons
Voices: "Did we learn anything this time around? Did we take any vital knowledge away from this experience?"
Me/Us: "Yes. Promises made to us are worthless. We are only to be used by anyone claiming to love us. So basically, TRUST NO ONE."
Voices: "...You say that, but... you still trust..."
Me/Us: * Throws hands in the air.* "What exactly do you even want from us? I mean, besides using our body once we're gone?"
Voices: "We want you to keep that Child of Wrath from taking control. She's far too dangerous. Besides, if you land in jail because of her, we won't have much use for your body..."
Me/Us: "... I'm not going to let her loose. She won't get to be in control. I don't want to hurt anyone. Not even those who deserve it. Every person she's allowed to hurt makes her more likely to do it again, only worse. I can't afford to be desensitized anymore than I already am. I can't fe
:iconkittysib:KittySib 7 7
Just Another Broken Heart
I can’t believe I actually believed
I could be allowed to be here,
that someone could actually love and want
all my missing and broken pieces.
I can’t be here.
This IS the wrong world after all. 
I don’t want to hurt.
I don’t want to be here
where I’m not needed or wanted.
Broken Whisper Girl?
That timid and insecure person
who tries so hard and is never enough on any level?
The one who takes all the blame,
all the pain,
all of the agony?
Unrequited romance is her forte.
For a bit I thought I was going
to be allowed to be someone else,
but I guess Fate and God get
the last laugh at my expense.
Never ever again.
I can’t let anyone in close enough
to hurt me.
I won’t let anyone hurt me again.
Even if it means that I’m completely and utterly
locked away with only the Voices as company.
At least they don’t lie to me,
even if they do hate me.
:iconkittysib:KittySib 7 8
Always Precious by KittySib Always Precious :iconkittysib:KittySib 18 6
If I Were To...
If I follow you into the Dark,
if I promise that I will stay,
no matter how many Shadows I face,
if I reach for your hand,
will you let me stay by your side?
Or have I lost you already?
I can face any Darkness-
the future-
I can even face the past.
I can push the limits I hid behind,
if it means I can be there for you.
But what am I to do,
if you decided I hold you back?
If you don’t love me or want me anymore?
I keep trying,
but the Silence between us beats me down.
I promised myself that I would do whatever it takes,
face any pain,
if it meant that I could be the one you wanted.
I can keep trying those locked doors,
face all those Lost and Shattered Selves,
If you are there for me.
Everything I’ve been trying so hard to accomplish-
it’s all for your sake.
For the sake of a future with you.
If I was wrong,
if I was too weak,
if you don’t need or want what I am-
what I offer…
I don’t want to say goodbye.
I don’t want to l
:iconkittysib:KittySib 7 9
Classy Camo Baby Blanket by KittySib Classy Camo Baby Blanket :iconkittysib:KittySib 20 10
After looking back I realized something important.
When we met,
we were both drowning in the Dark.
For a brief time after finding each other
we had beautiful,
But the Darkness was still there,
Waiting for a chance to return and consume us.
We both face the Dark in our own ways.
I don't want to lose you,
don't want to be the cause of your pain.
I am determined to face the Dark,
to face my despair and sorrow.
Mental illness is just a fact of life.
One that sucks hardcore-
but still something we have to deal with.
If I can be there for you,
if there's any way I can help you,
I hope you'll tell me.
I hope you'll let me.
I know I need help too,
but if you can't because of your own needs
it's ok.
I love you.
You're my friend and Beloved.
If you need space,
or for us to back up and start over-
we can do that.
I wish we could talk.
I wish I could help you somehow.
Every self I have left knows your name.
Together or apart,
we must face the Dark.
I know my light is
:iconkittysib:KittySib 7 5
Not Ok
"Be good."
"Don't cause problems for anyone else."
"You'd better be stable. We've got stuff going on."
"You're the problem."
"You're not good enough."
"We're too busy to make time for you."
"Everybody leaves."
All of these echo through my mind, 
consuming me.
I can't cut enough to drain the pain.
It hurts.
It hurts so much just to breathe.
To pretend everything is fine.
I feel so alone,
so weak,
so worthless.
Too many tears fall,
and still more come.
I want to be ok.
I'm trying everything I can think of...
but it's not enough.
I'm not enough.
I tried asking.
Everyone has stuff going on.
It's not a good idea to insist.
After all,
I'm the problem.
Wouldn't want to cause any inconvenience.
Don't reply.
She'll be fine.
When every day dissolves in tears,
and everyone else is so emotionally distant,
when there's no one to turn to,
and the only options left hurt,
what am I supposed to do?
I have things to stay for.
I have plans.
People I care about.
People I can't turn to.
:iconkittysib:KittySib 7 0
Gonna Be Evil, Yeah!
Dear Diary/Journal,
        I have heard that humans write about the events and emotions in their lives in such things. Right now I don't have much use for humans, but since I want to vent and not deal with such riff raff, I have decided I shall try writing in you, instead. It feels as if you are an actual entity, and as such, I suppose it would be polite to introduce myself. Hmn... I just realized that I don't exactly have a real name. Everyone calls me monster, demon, or some other insult. Wow. That really pisses me off. I don't even have a freakin' name... That totally sucks. Lately those stupid humans can't do anything but insult me and cry about how I'm an evil being who will destroy society. I've never actually done anything though... Oh! I have a brilliant idea! Since they believe me to be evil, why not go with it? I'll be the most evil being they ever encounter, like one of those Evil Overlord/Villains. And those guys always come up with their own
:iconkittysib:KittySib 4 9
Bleeding Away the Pain by KittySib Bleeding Away the Pain :iconkittysib:KittySib 13 3 You Love Me, Right? by KittySib You Love Me, Right? :iconkittysib:KittySib 20 10

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Random Favourites

He Tripped Out The Front Door
Write a happy story
for once. She tells me.
he tripped out the
front door of his
broken home
for the last time.
That isn't happy,
it's cathartic
at best.
But it certainly
isn't sad.
So what could it
There was red on the trees
in early winter,
and you could hear laughter
if you thought it was there.
Now what
happens next.
She tells me.
I could taste it
in my throat.
:iconfallingasleeptonight:FallingAsleepTonight 33 8
warrior of nature by kir-tat warrior of nature :iconkir-tat:kir-tat 8,311 279 warrior of nature adv by kir-tat warrior of nature adv :iconkir-tat:kir-tat 5,316 153
Wilds of Warcraft
The Kanto Trio
"Wilds of Warcraft"
A black haired boy collapses in a chair before his PC with a sigh and clicks a certain icon. Mopping the floor and doing the dishes is hard work!
"Ash? Have you done your chores like I asked you to?" a brown haired woman asks as she delivers a clean load of laundry.
"The dishes are drying, and the floor is mopped." Ash reports before turning his attention to the PC screen, where the World of Warcraft sign in screen awaits him. After typing "PokeMaster01" as his screenname and some stars for his password, he selects his favorite and most played character--a human warrior. Maybe Misty and Brock will be on so we can go through an instance, or something!
An orange haired girl peeked in the den, where she saw the PC unoccupied. Lilly, Daisy, and Violet are out for the day, and I just put Azurill down for a nap, so why not see if I can squeeze in an instance while she's sleeping?
She clicked the familiar World of Warcraft i
:iconlightningtopaz:LightningTopaz 5 10
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Cat blob by photosoph
I want to reach out with my writings and inspire others. Even though it is easy to get lost in the darkness, one can almost always find a light-if you look for one. Some days even I don't look for the light...
Apparently I'm INFP, but aspects of it are a little skewed due to mental illness. I may be a bit strange and unconventional-I am a Kitty Cat Imperialist. (and yes, I'm serious) Anyways, I like making new friends. I try and be a nice person. Sometimes I watch people on DA because they seem really interesting! I hope you find what you are looking for and have a great day!
All shall be accomplished while serving the Kitties, who rule this world, though it is not widely known.

I have a novel in progress with my writing partner :icondevontomatocat: You can find all of it in my gallery in it's folder: Slipping Between Dreams. Feedback is always welcome!:D…

I also have an account :iconamnesiarose: I don't currently post stuff there, but I can't bear to delete it...yet. I am currently in the process of slowly moving over the writings from that profile to this one. I have a special folder for all of it. Once everything has been moved to this profile, I will delete my AmnesiaRose account and all of the writings that were on it. (You'll still find them on this profile)

I love to read books, especially Ilona Andrews, David Weber, Anne Bishop, Louis L'Amour, Ali Brandon, Sofie Kelly, Lorna Freeman and Bruce Coville. I recently discovered C.E. Murphy and Seanan McGuire, and I have to say I'm hooked!:D
I'm a HUGE manga and anime fan! Some of my favorites are: Fairy Tail, Chobits, XXXHolic, Kamisama Kiss, Library Wars, Vampire Game, Mugen Spiral, and anything by Yuji Iwahara-including but not limited to Cats Paradise and King of Thorn.

My taste in music is varied, But some bands I absolutely adore are: Five Finger Death Punch, Three Days Grace, Five Iron Frenzy, Muse, Evanescence, Two Steps From Hell, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Shawn Mendes, Epica, Nightwish and Blind Guardian. I also like to listen to a LOT of Nightcore on Youtube.

My main interests are writing, drawing, crocheting, listening to music, reading, watching anime, cats, tigers, dragons, time travel, alternate realities, magic ect. I have blue hair, which I found to be a very important life choice in order to help with my depression.

I post a fairly wide collection of art types. Poetry, song, stories and chapters, cat pics, blanket pics, drawings and digital art (mostly DAmuro), and the occasional random other things. Being creative is something I cherish a lot, and one of the things I can't handle being cut off from. It's an important part of me, and I hope you'll appreciate it too! :D

:iconrainbowsparkleplz: If you'd like to chat about books, anime, or anything else, feel free to note me! I'm not usually a monster :iconhappykitty-plz: :iconrainbowsparkleplz:

Do you read long running stories on DA? 

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3 deviants said Only short stories and poetry
2 deviants said Only fanfics
1 deviant said Nope.
1 deviant said Here for the cats man, and ONLY the cats 0.0
No deviants said I used to but I don't anymore.
No deviants said Umm...???? Zero times the square root of pi????
How would you all feel if I made journals about books I've read or series I have read? We're talking physical, published by major companies, can possibly find at your library written in English books. All comments and opinions welcome!:D

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Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle
Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle

This is an ongoing project. I always need to save up again, in order to get more materials to create ANY of the products, including photo-product supplies, as well as jewelry line materials.

:note: HOW IT WORKS: 30% of ALL purchases goes TO "The Shelter Project" - the REST goes back into a separate account via PayPal, specifically set up ONLY FOR The Project, in order to purchase more materials & supplies, in order to keep the Project going!

And, round and round we go, because there will always be domestic animals with medical needs, such as for spays & neuters & even even other things.

We will ship ANYWHERE- to the MOON, if necessary!
Cresent Moon Emoji by kawrisu

Anything to help our domestic animal friends. :nod:

:note: PayPal, seems to be the easiest & most efficient way, to make a purchase (or even a direct donation if you prefer).
Simply put in my email:
but :iconstopplz: until we've agreed on your final TOTAL. :XD:

If you do NOT have PayPal, firstly it is super easy to set up the most basic type; if still this is not the route to go for you, I AM VERY OPEN TO DISCUSSING OTHER OPTIONS! :)

If I was 100% self-efficient, I could donate the full 100% and pay for/donate my own supplies etc., but being disabled/on a fixed income, this just isn't the case.
:note: However, due to success over the years...
we are entering the 3rd year of the 30% donation, over the previous almost five years of 25%!

This Project is on :iconteaphotography: 's page. See link at the top. Please help her to help the animals! She sells items and donates to the Shelter Project, as well as accepting points designated to the Shelter project. I regularly send her points that are donated to me too!


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