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Slipping Between Dreams part 43
    The magic refused to be denied. She should have realized what was going on earlier when everything had gone dark, Thia thought in frustration as she fled the dining room. Now she had mere minutes, if even that before she and Lester ended up somewhere else. Why'd this have to happen while Ketz was here? She'd kind of hoped that she'd have a chance to win him over, at least a little-instead he'd probably decided she was a complete flake. Definitely second best to the fantasy of years...
    Hurriedly she lay on her bed so she wouldn't collapse on the floor-and not a moment too soon. Cool air and darkness greeted her questing gaze, and a small pocket of warmth materialized against her right thigh. Lester. Slowly, she reached down, and placed a reassuring hand on his back, hoping he would stay quiet. Something about this place made her skin crawl, like some of the darkness was alive...
    "Are you certain this will work?" a hus
:iconkittysib:KittySib 5 0
Slipping Between Dreams Part 42
    Written with :iconDevonTomatoCat:
  Hopefully this wouldn’t devolve into a fiery screaming match or some mutated form of obsessive song and dance drama. There had better be some form of alcohol present. Ketz strolled on down the street to- where in blazes was it? Something around here looked familiar, but… it was somewhere. If anything a cellphone was useful there. He grabbed at the cheap piece of technology clipped to his waist and pulled it out. The red shine caught the sun. Her number came up fast in the contacts, and he dialled.
    Thia’s phone rang, and she just about tripped over her own feet, trying to grab it off her bed. Her eyes widened in alarm as she saw who was calling. “Hello?” she answered somewhat breathlessly. “This is Thia…”
   "Hi," the voice said, somewhat curt. :This is Ketz. Uh… so this might sound a bit funny and don’t read into it too much but, where do
:iconkittysib:KittySib 5 0
Deny Everything
Back and forth we go-
do I run or do I stay?
I can't decide.
Living is work,
healing is hard.
If I stay,
I will die-
but it seems so much easier.
Just let go of the truth.
Let go of hope.
Bide my time,
and slip away in the darkness.
I wanted-
however briefly-
to be more.
To change, grow, and find love.
I slip back-
into the comforting embrace-
of inertia.
No need to go forward,
no need to try.
The truth will dissipate as I
pursue Oblivion.
If I court the Darkness,
if I indulge in luxurious despair,
sooner or later true freedom will finally be mine.
:iconkittysib:KittySib 15 18
Too Much by KittySib Too Much :iconkittysib:KittySib 16 2
Is it possible to completely abandon one's past?
To sever every tie to one's family,
and start over?
If I do this,
I might be able to live.
I might be able to love.
But if I do this,
it means War.
It means destroying completely any relationship with my family,
present and future.
It means losing my past and memories.
War means conflict and screaming and tears,
guilt, remorse, and wrath.
If I don't though,
I will never have love.
The only choice will be to choose to die,
slowly poisoned by them.
I'm afraid.
Afraid to try.
Afraid to lose everything.
It's so much easier to sit in their insidious poison,
telling myself I am Nothing.
After all,
so much of who I am has been
shaped carefully by that poisonous embrace.
She is unworthy,
she is broken,
she doesn't deserve.
To abandon that is to fight.
Bleeding and screaming,
breaking and fighting,
all for a maybe.
I'm not even sure it's worth it,
but before that-
Is it even possible?
:iconkittysib:KittySib 17 22
Evil Truth
I didn’t want to know the truth.
As long as I wasn’t aware,
there was the possibility I could change.
There was a slight hope I could Be.
I wish I didn’t know.
I wish I hadn’t realized.
For so long I believed it was ME,
that I am an evil mistake-
unworthy of Love, Hope, Happiness or Life.
But I found out-
it’s NOT my fault.
You, my family-
as long as I am with you-
I cannot change.
If I try,
you will crush me,
beat me down like so many times before.
unless I erase this truth-
unlearn it-
I might again want freedom and everything denied me.
I might fight for myself again,
full of Hate and self-righteous Wrath.
Everything will crumble around me,
peace and status quo forever lost in the screams and destruction.
You will never love me,
and never let me be loved.
This is a truth that exists as long as you, my family, do.
And so,
I cannot change.
I cannot have a right to exist.
This must be so,
or I will lose everything I have worked so hard for...
:iconkittysib:KittySib 19 18
Stretched Too Thin
Everyone needs,
so they take and take-
as if they were the only one.
There is not much I have to offer,
and when multiple people need,
and take,
at the same time…
I am stretched too thin,
pulled in every direction.
I will break,
ripped to pieces from the strain.
All I can do is withdraw,
pull inside myself,
and hope I can regenerate enough so that-
next time-
just maybe…
I will have something to give left.
:iconkittysib:KittySib 14 16
Pomeranian Birthday Drawing by KittySib Pomeranian Birthday Drawing :iconkittysib:KittySib 20 2 Cat Tree by KittySib Cat Tree :iconkittysib:KittySib 22 7
Slipping Between Dreams Part 41
    Written with :iconDevonTomatoCat:
    There had to be some sort of conspiracy to cause time to move in slow motion, Thia thought broodingly as an endless day at work was followed by a nerve-rackingly slow bus ride home. I bet I could go faster if I walked
Once it reached her stop, she practically flew off. All of her anticipation was converted into energy.
    Breezing in through the front door, Thia kicked off her boots, yelling, “I’m home!” No one answered, and she wandered through the kitchen. A note was on the fridge.
    Picking up Lester and groceries. Dinner will be late tonight. Feel free to snack. ~Seth
    Grabbing a glass of juice and a bag of carrot sticks, Thia bound up the stairs to her room and sat on her bed, taking a deep breath. Okay, I can do this. I mean, he’s expecting me to call… and he really isn’t all that scary. Bre
:iconkittysib:KittySib 8 0
Slipping Between Dreams Part 40
Written by :iconDevonTomatoCat:
  This required strong drink, and lots of it, in heavy doses. Ketz power-walked down the street in the general direction of whatever seemed most likely to sling some gin. What kind of drugs was she on- or not on? He sighed long and hard. The mood swings- oh blazes, what was that about? Ask a question and get screamed at, then two minutes later everything is butterflies, then sad, happy, scary, sad, crazy- he missed a sign post by half an inch. That was nearly a dent in the face. The fuzzy fellow rubbed his chin and mouth.
  Thank you, so much. Thanks. Vanessa would hear about this in vivid detail, likely for weeks, or months. What was that, though? Cross the street, avoid the cars. The brother, sure, that was fine. His weird changes could be written off as surrendering to a supportive role rather than a protective one. It was at least plausible for the situation. What though- just… what?
  It was all libraries a
:iconkittysib:KittySib 6 0
Delayed Reaction
I cannot help this knee jerk reaction.
You claim to have my best interests at heart,
you present yourself as a knight.
All I want is to shut you out,
find a way to protect myself.
I am vulnerable-
not to romance or affection-
but because you don't respect my boundaries.
I'm too "nice" to shout at you.
Saying "no" is something difficult for me.
Your invasive questions,
how fast and insistently
you ply almost a demand for intimacy-
it leaves me reeling and defensive.
I am sure to yourself,
your intentions are pure.
I'm sure you believe
your own words of gallantry-
but to me your intrusion is rude.
I couldn't find a way to say how I felt.
I didn't want to hurt your feelings.
I cannot deny this stewing resentment.
The seething frustration which sickens me,
as I tremble at my own ineffectiveness at protecting myself.
I do not want a romance-
not with you-
maybe not with anyone.
I don't want to be pressured-
not for romance, friendship, or anything else<
:iconkittysib:KittySib 10 0
Must I let You Go?
Dearest One whom I fear I'll never meet, The years have gone flying and creeping past since that fateful dream. The dream where I was told you exist, and that if I promised to live, you wouldn't be taken from me by death, that we would meet. So much time has past since I wrote about that dream and promise. So much has happened, changed, and been lost. I fear that as I am now, you would find me sorely lacking, that I don't have anything to give. All I have left is Darkness and Pain. I know I'm supposed to be patient. To Believe. To continue reaching out and searching... but... I am so tired. Tired of waiting, tired of living, tired of trying. I just want to go to sleep and never wake up. I want to meet you, don't get me wrong. It's just... all that is left as near as I can tell is a shattered, empty husk. I have nothing, am nothing. I hurt too much to have hope or care anymore. I've begun wondering... Do I really have a soulmate? How could I possibly
:iconkittysib:KittySib 7 14
The Point of No Return?
When the pain is overwhelming,
I can't get restful sleep.
No matter how I toss and turn,
I can't get comfortable.
My mood has plummeted.
Due to poor sleep and extreme pain,
my mind is in constant turmoil.
I can't take anything for the pain.
I can't do anything about it at all.
Constantly I battle for control.
All I want is to stab myself,
slit my throat-
ANYTHING to divert the pain.
Full of Shadows and anger,
I keep forgetting I'm Invincible.
If something doesn't change
I may do something I can't take back.
I probably won't even care.
After all, 
I never wanted to be here in the first place...
:iconkittysib:KittySib 5 3
Close up of Come Swim With Me by KittySib Close up of Come Swim With Me :iconkittysib:KittySib 10 2 Come Swim With Me! by KittySib Come Swim With Me! :iconkittysib:KittySib 10 4


HAPPY CATS by tpallier HAPPY CATS :icontpallier:tpallier 10 8 Bakugo Older pinup by sakimichan Bakugo Older pinup :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 3,505 129 Mini Comic: Cursed Booty by Seyumei Mini Comic: Cursed Booty :iconseyumei:Seyumei 212 135 japanese squirrel 5 by Maria-Schreuders japanese squirrel 5 :iconmaria-schreuders:Maria-Schreuders 222 140 Young Sri Lanka Panther by Maria-Schreuders Young Sri Lanka Panther :iconmaria-schreuders:Maria-Schreuders 417 166 MLP Rainbow Dash Plush (commission) by Little-Broy-Peep MLP Rainbow Dash Plush (commission) :iconlittle-broy-peep:Little-Broy-Peep 77 10 Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy -  Amigurumi Plush by AmigurumiByKagami Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy - Amigurumi Plush :iconamigurumibykagami:AmigurumiByKagami 6 1 Undomiel by larienne Undomiel :iconlarienne:larienne 1,789 54 Gir by CaptainEdwardTeague Gir :iconcaptainedwardteague:CaptainEdwardTeague 89 7 CM: Sierra by shizen1102 CM: Sierra :iconshizen1102:shizen1102 279 12 Force inside by FlashW Force inside :iconflashw:FlashW 381 24 TBOC 3x24 by ChristinZakh TBOC 3x24 :iconchristinzakh:ChristinZakh 54 10 Starmaker by larienne Starmaker :iconlarienne:larienne 2,298 88 Zim by CaptainEdwardTeague Zim :iconcaptainedwardteague:CaptainEdwardTeague 105 9 Cat House by tpallier Cat House :icontpallier:tpallier 6 0 MISS MOLLY by tpallier MISS MOLLY :icontpallier:tpallier 14 3


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
profile pic was commissioned from :icongattoshou:

My icon was commissioned from :iconackeren-art:

Writing is my passion. I also draw some and crochet(a LOT). I now have a shop on etsy to sell the blankets I make.
The shop name is BlanketKitten. Feel free to check it out!…
I want to reach out with my writings and inspire others. Even though it is easy to get lost in the darkness, one can almost always find a light-if you look for one. Some days even I don't look for the light...
Apparently I'm INFP, but aspects of it are a little skewed due to mental illness. I may be a bit strange and unconventional-I am a Kitty Cat Imperialist. (and yes, I'm serious) Anyways, I like making new friends. I try and be a nice person. Sometimes I watch people on DA because they seem really interesting! I hope you find what you are looking for and have a great day!
All shall be accomplished while serving the Kitties, who rule this world, though it is not widely known.

I also have an account :iconamnesiarose: I don't currently post stuff there, but I can't bear to delete it...
I know it's July, summer. Still, as the birthday season in my family blows through, my thoughts are inevitably drawn to ponder the gift giving season of Christmas sure to follow. I try and do my shopping a tiny bit at a time, so I'm not completely stressed about money when November hits.
Between Christmas, and the never ending amount of babies daily joining the world (and non-babies having birthdays), I'd kind of hoped that people would think of my Etsy shop BlanketKitten, that they'd see our beautiful blankets as a great gift for friends and loved ones.…
Baby blankets, throws, and larger are available ready mase in my shop, ready to ship world wide. We even offer commissions to those who had specific color schemes and sizes they desire.

I wonder what I can do to make the blankets from my shop a more attractive gift idea? I'd really love them to get new homes, (and yes, I know they aren't pets, but still) and be of use.

Anyone have any ideas?


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