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My Bio
Way back when I was still young, I loved art, but couldn't see how I could make a living doing it. I let life get in the way. I went years without doing much other then doing amateur photography. As for my sketches, and paintings, I've only just started in again.

I've had some people ask if I do requests, and while I am flattered, I really can't - not just yet. I really feel like I need to have a lot more art done before I am confident enough to start taking requests.

No doubt some have wondered about the name I'm using, KittyrinnAiko.
To be honest it was a throw away name I used when I set up the account, not realizing I'd have to pay to change it.
I'm too cheep to do that.

The name itself originates from a character that was later redrafted and given an altered name for a story that was posted on Panhistoria.

Regarding what I sign my paintings with, I decided that I wanted to, as part of trying to teach myself to eventually be able to read Japanese characters, to write my initials in Katakana. Naturally I wanted to check on Google translate to make sure it didn't return something inappropriate. I got two answers returned, one being the phonetic equivalent of the characters I'd chosen, and the second being Nova [ノ エハ]. I now have another alias.

Favourite Visual Artist
Jim Fitzpatrick
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Well that was new? An artist I'd been following who hasn't produced any art related to the art that got me interested in following them in the first place has put all their new art behind a pay wall. Wow. Must be nice to have so many followers willing to pay just to look at new art. hell, I thought that was what Patreon was for? I don't need my watch feed filled up with art I can't actually see without paying and if I could afford to pay I'd have paid for a subscription, so I decided to just drop them from my watch. What a year 2020 has been.
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I hope everyone has had a good New Year's celebration, and I wish you all good fortune in the future. Afraid that my own New Year has started on a considerable down note. I am saddened to report that the pride of the Inari faithful in the Pacific Northwest of the United States is no more. It is my understanding that the go-shintai (御神体, "sacred body of the kami") was stolen sometime prior to preparations for the New Year's festivities. To put it in Western Christian terms, think of the Shintai as a literal piece of the body of a saint, only, in this case, it is a piece of the Kami-Sama. To be true the shintai that had b
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OK, I did a full cleaning on my computer this morning, and when I logged back in ... someone had turned the lights out and moved everything around. Ya, it's flashy. Maybe that's fine for a casual viewer, but from the perspective of an artist with dyslexia who prefers functional to flashy, it was a no-go. I switched it back just as soon as I figured out how. If they ever force me to use that black background I'll probably leave the site.
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Thank you for the watch.
I have heard about you through somebody on Tumblr, who I believe calls himself Oroichonno. Is it true your father was a veteran? Until I came across this page, I knew fairly little about Ilbon munhwa aside from the tense history between us.
I am a veteran, and serving in the Armed Forces has been something of a family tradition. My father served in the Pacific war against the Japanese, and I've a brother who was in the US Marine Corps, and stationed in Japan on more then one occasion.

I am unfamiliar with the term Ilbon munhwa. A few years back after many years of study, and contemplation I adopted Shinto, partly out of a love for Japanese culture, partly do to my seeing Inari as a deity I wished to emulate, and look up to as I'd grown weary of Christian double standards. My interest in Japanese culture did not simply manifest itself out of no where either. I'd been exposed to Japanese, and Chinese culture as a child. It became a part of who I am. It is deeply embedded in my psyche.

As for my art and photography, I simply want to share with the world the beauty I see. The cartoon drawings are a reminder to look and see the beauty of the world with child like wonder, because when we can do that, our eyes will be opened to wondrous things we never saw before.
That's quite a story behind it, though the past of military service does seem rather conflicting. In your upbringing, do you happen to know anything of my traditional culture? I wonder if you guys have mandatory military service?
Military service in the US is only mandatory during a draft. Right now it's all volunteer. 
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Thank you so much for the watch! <3
Cheers for the watch! Ahooooy Matey!