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For the third time, here's my wishlist

Species: Bagbean
Type: Floral
Theme: Yew Tree
Gender: male
Image: inCollage 20180111 005928139 by kittyqueen9
Hair style: in collage
Colours: in collage, though that's just the base idea
Markings: base would be the lighter green with something simple like patches on the thighs or something along those lines with the darker green. Red dots on cheeks and darker green areas
Accessories: in collage
Mutations: spikes-somewhat long (x1 starbean) also if possible I'd love him to be buffed!
Personality: snarky, grumpy, rude

Species: Bagbean
Type: Mythical
Theme: Tailypo
Gender: male
Image:  inCollage 20180111 012759633 by kittyqueen9
Hair style: in collage
Colours: mostly black with a bright red as ascents( the gems, the claws ect)
Markings: I'm not sure, if you can think of anything go ahead
Accessories: a necklace with a bullet, a bandage at or near the base of the tail
Mutations: different tail-very long and very fluffy, long claws and if possible red or amber Scalia )
(X3 starbean)
Personality: quiet, distant, cold

Species: Bagbean
Type: common
Theme: brachypelma smithi (Mexican Redknee Tarantula)
Gender: female
Image:  inCollage 20180111 020315402 by kittyqueen9
Hair style: the reddish colour, messy, like it's never been cleaned, possibly a few bald patches(like how tarantulas kick their "hairs")
Colours: black, orange and the weird reddish colour on the carapace
Markings: orange on the joints
Accessories: up to you
Mutations: double arms, mandibles-only if they can look like the tarantulas pedipalps, if not just the arms (x1 starbean, x1 starfruit)
Personality: shy, secretive, paranoid

Species: Bagbean
Type: Myca
Theme: Ophiocordyceps unilateralis (zombie ant fungus)
Gender: neutral
Image:  inCollage 20180111 022618284 by kittyqueen9
Hair style: whatever looks good, probably something messy
Colours: dull greens and reds
Markings: up to you
Accessories: in collage
Mutations: soul sick & sprout coming out of the top of the head or the back of the neck, reference in the collage (x1 starbean, x1 hollowbean)
Personality: distant, blank, quiet

Species: Bagbean
Type: Celestial
Theme: Thistle + ragdoll cat
Gender: male
Image:  inCollage 20180719 213223398 by kittyqueen9
Hair style: in collage
Colours: purple and the same creamish colour of the cat.
Markings: the purple would be in the same spots as a colourpoint cat, the rest would be creamish
Accessories: a star bracelet
Mutations: long fur, especially on the tail and legs, and spikes
Personality: energetic, loud, optimistic

Species: Bagbean
Type: Biome
Theme: Black sand beach
Gender: female
Image: inCollage 20180720 124307110 by kittyqueen9
Hair style: long, flowy hair
Colours: black, soft blues and soft greens
Markings: black would be the base, with the blue/green being the markings, I'm not sure about any markings so it's up to you
Accessories: a turtle bracelet, a seashell necklace
Mutations: coloured eyes, either the blue or green, depending on what works better
Personality: soft, gentle, motherly

Species: Bagbean
Type: Legendary
Theme: Poisoned Pigeon
Gender: neutral
Image:  inCollage 20180720 123136792 by kittyqueen9
Hair style: messy, kind of covering the eyes but not completely
Colours: same as a pigeon
Markings: generally the same as a pigeon
Accessories: an almond coloured jumper
Mutations: ink explosion-neon green. And wings
Personality: excitable, a bit crazy, forgetful

Species: Bagbean
Type: Common
Theme: Sphynx
Gender: male
Image:  inCollage 20180219 010802123 by kittyqueen9
Hair style: none
Colours: the skin would mainly be the pale pink with the darker black-ish being the markings, the rest of the colours are for the accessories
Markings: maybe something like the cat in the picture, eyebags
Accessories: oversized black jumper with an eye on in, but the eye looks more like the one on the necklace. Same for the hat, which is worn backwards
Mutations: third eye, coloured eyes-any of the pastel colours, bare (x2 starbeans, x1 starroot)
Personality: done with your shit, tired, please let him sleep
I have some other ideas floating around my head but these are the main four I want
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