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//Chapter 4\\
The sunhigh heat covered the clearing in front of the hollow tree. Raveneye, Riversong, Aspenshine, Snakepaw, Tawnysky, Clearkit and Weedkit all got ready for their search for new territory. After a quick hunt and filling up they left the hollow tree and old Treeclan territory forever. They trekked through the forest, the tempting smell of prey everywhere but the continued wanting to get this done as fast as possible.

Its was dusk by the time they couldn't see the border. The faint orange light filtered through the trees, giving off a slight light.
"Wow this forest is a lot bigger than I thought it was!" Snakepaw marvelled, wonder gleamed in his eyes.
"Yeah!" Clearkit scampered after him,
"Clearkit wait!" Tawnysky called after her but alas she had already ran off with Snakepaw.
"Too late," Weedkit remarked. Raveneye watched as he stifled a yawn.
"Maybe we should stop here," He looked around the group, nobody had objected so they might as well make a start.
"Aspenshine you take Snakepaw hunting, Tawnysky you keep an eye on the kits, who knows what's out here. And Riversong, you can come with me." He stalked off in the direction of prey, not waiting for anyone to answer.
Riversong followed him, fur fluffing up against the new night cold.
"You know, I thought Wrenstar should have made you deputy when Golderburr died." She remarked solemnly.
"But I've never mentored an apprentice, there was no chance." He looked ahead and parted his jaws, through the jumbled scents of leaves and bracken he picked out mouse. Following the trail the best he could he found it, nibbling a seed at the base of a tree. He stalked closer and closer until he was close enough, then he pounced but a rustle in the bushes next to him caused it to run away.
"Foxdung" He spat, when a black figure leaped on him. It had him pinned on his side, but he wasn't going to be bested by a rouge. He went limp then when his assailant thought he was down he turned on his back racking his claws across their cheek and kicking them off. Whilst they where winded he sprang up and pinned them down, now realising this was no rouge, this was a kittypet.
"That was my catch!" She spat, trying to wiggle out of his grasp, her bright green eyes aflame with rage.
"What's a kittypet doing out here?"
"You think just because I'm a kittypet I don't know how to hunt!" Learning from the past she used his own trick against him and managed to kick him off. Dispite their scuffle she remained calm, sitting down to wash her short, black, ruffled fur.
"Why hunt when you have your twolegs to do everything for you?" Raveneye sat down, eyeing her cautiously.
"well that's a fine hello. The names May," she chuckled, "you?"
"That's quite a fancy name for a cat, where'd you get it?"
"I'm a clan can, or I was. I got it when I became a warrior." The excitement in her eyes grew with every word he said but before she could ask more a rustle in the bushed behind them caught their attention. Riversong appeared with two mice in her jaws, her head tilting in confusion.
"who's that" She asked, her voice muffled by the mice.
"I'm May. You?" Riversong dropped the mice at her feet so she could answer.
"I'm Riversong, nice to meet you," She looked over at Raveneye, " I'm guessing your scratches are from him?"
"Well I did jump at him." She looked down at her paws.
"Give me a moment, I'll be right back!" And with that she jumped into the bushes in search if something.
A few moments passed and she had returned with some yellow plant he recognised as marigold.
"I couldn't find any horsetail but the cut isn't deep so this should be enough," she padded over to May and chewed the petals and leaves into a pulp.
"This may sting but trust me it'll be worth it." She applied the pulp to the wound, May winced at the sting but stayed still.
"keep that on for at least a day, it should keep infection out."
"Wow..uh...thanks." May flicked her tail, her confusion obvious.
"I'm a medicine cat, I know what I'm dong."
"A what cat?," May looked even more confused.
From then Riversong and Raveneye explained the warrior and medicine cat code, how clans worked and Starclan. May was still a bit confused but from the look of her was interested in what they had to say. Eventually May left, saying her housefolk would be wondering where she was. With that she went back in the direction she came form, Raveneye actually got some hunting done and managed to catch a wood pigeon and then returned to his small group of warrors. 
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