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//chapter 3\\
Raveneye stared at the clouds as they passed, coughing interrupting his thoughts. Riversong gave him some tansy she found and said it was just a cough but he felt horrible. The kits Clearkit and Weedkit played with Snakepaw whilst their mother Tawnysky watched. Riversong was currently away with Aspenshine to find some other herbs and to find moss. He got up, his muscles aching. 
"Are you sure you should be getting up?" Tawnysky gave him a sympathetic look.
"I'm fine," was all he could say, he prefers to let his clanmates do the talking, no matter how mousebrained some of them are.

It took until sunhigh for Riversong and Aspenshine to return but they had a bundle of moss and herbs. Riversong walked over to him with some leaves in her mouth and chewed them into a paste.
"Eat these, they'll help with your sore joints." He done as he was told, eating the paste. It tasted of nothing on particular, just grass.
"They were dandilion leaves, we found a bunch of them far away from the river, in the forest!"
Along one of the borders there was a forest but there was never a need to go there, the prey was plentiful and hunting under the trees was something his past clan couldn't do.
"What should we do now? Snakepaw sat down, the kits playing with his tail.
"We should leave" He said sternly.
"What! We can't leave! Our ancestors have lived here for century's." Tawnysky pleaded, concern in her eyes and voice.
"Raveneye is right, this territory isn't right for us. If Starclan wanted us to stay they would have sent me the warning about the flood instead of Wrenstar." Riversong's voice wavered when she brought up Wrenstar's name.
The sun was beginning to lower, Raveneye and Snakepaw went hunting,  but the flood has scared or killed and prey on the plain so they where forced into the forest. 
"Snakepaw you stay at the border." With a swift nod He ran of to find some prey.
He stalked into the forest, jaws parted in search of prey. When suddenly he picked up a new sent, not fox or badger He searched and searched looking for the cat, then a golden tail disappeared behind a tree. He gave chase, kicking up leaves and twigs as he ran. Brambles snagged his pelt and he was stuck in place. Then the cat he had be chasing appeared in front of him, a beautiful she-cat with golden fur and brilliant blue eyes. 
"Raveneye..." She called out almost as if she was far away.
He watched in shock, why would a cat, who presumed was a victim of the flood come to him and not Riversong.
"Follow...from leaf to vine..." Then she disappeared.
Raveneye was finally able to get out of the bramble thicket, with half his pelt missing but he didn't seem to be bleeding. What worried him more was that the strange she-cat has said almost the same thing as the other cat from his dream but they smelled and sounded different. 

He trudged back to his group, the only prey he could catch was a scrawny mouse. His usual concentration had disappeared and replaced with thoughts about that she-cat. He decided he would talk to Riversong about this she-cat and his last dream. She was sorting through the herbs she had, the only ones he could recognize where the dandelion leaves and very little catmint she must have found whilst he was away. He though back to his bout with greencough, but quickly shook the thoughts out his head.
"Riversong I have to speak with you." He motioned with is tail to the hollow tree, she dropped the leaves she had in her jaws and padded towards the tree.
"What's the matter Raveneye? Have you hurt yourself? Your missing some fur, what happened to you? " She cautiously looked him over, checking for scratches.
"I'll explain that later. But recently...I've had a dream." He began to describe the dream, the blinding sunlight the churning waves behind him and the mysterious words whispered to him "From dawn to dusk, from leaf to vine a new light will appear".
"Hmm..." Riversong furrowed her brows in thought. "Come see me at dusk, I need time to think." And with that she stalked off to gather the leaves she dropped, which much to Tawnysky's dismay, the kits where playing with.

It was dusk, Aspenshine and snake paw where sharing tongues and Tawnysky was keeping Clearkit and Weedkit occupied. Riversong beckoned for Raveneye to join her. Once in the hollow tree, out of their groups earshot she told him her thoughts.
" I don't think this is any old dream you've had Raveneye," She  looked out onto the orange sky, "I think this is a prophecy from Starclan."
"What? Why would I receive a prophecy?" He looked up at the slowly appearing stars too, confused.
"I'm not sure, all I do know is I think the prophecy is telling us to find something."
"Could it be new territory?"
"That may be it! I knew Starclan sent you the prophecy for a reason." Her face lit up, the possibility Starclan hasn't left them was uplifting.
"Then it's decided" Raveneye looked at the rest of his group," We leave by sunhigh."
And with that he told the others and got some rest.
What is it about chapter 3 that puts me off? Well I finally got back to working on this, hope you enjoy
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