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//Chapter 2\\

Sunlight, so much sunlight. It was blinding, yet comforting, the warm rays warming his pelt. Behind him, water, so much water. It was cold and unforgiving, churning waves ready to carry whatever poor creatures got within grasp of it's cruel grip. Suddenly voices echoed around him. Toms and she-cats of different age all saying the same thing,
"he was right."
A familiar voice, though he couldn't pin why, was the only voice to say something different. The voice sounded like thunder compared too the echoes of lost cats.
"From dawn to dusk, from leaf to vine, a new light will appear."
And with that, silence, expect the crashing of the disgusting waves behind him.

Raveneye woke with a start, his dream haunted him, though he wouldn't admit it.
"From dawn to dusk, from leaf to vine, a new light will appear." He whispered to himself, what could it mean? He rose to his paws and shoved the thought to the back of his mind, he would think about it later. Snakepaw and Aspenshine where already awake waiting for him and Riversong. 
"Finally," Aspenshine mewed, rising to her paws,
"We've been waiting forever."
Snakepaw was stalking a leaf, rather clumsily might be add but at least he wasn't too affected by the events of last night. Just then Riversong jumped down from a low branch of the tree just behind him. She padded towards the small group, her elegance showing.
"I guess we're heading towards the camp?"'
"Yes." He replied flatly going off in the direction of the camp.

It was sunhigh now, the scorching sun blazing down onto the cats bellow. The camp walls had fallen, making them easy to jump over. Water filled the camp, destroying dens and probably ending many lives. Standing atop the barriers Raveneye called out,
"Is anybody there?" 
"I'm here!"
On top one of the bent trees that sheltered the camp was a calico she-cat, clearly terrified.
"Don't worry! We'll get you down!" Riversong cried out.
"It's not me I'm worried about." She moved her paws to reveal two kits, old enough to walk around camp but still many moons till they would be apprenticed.
"The water looks about a fox-length deep!" Aspenshine fretted. Raveneye surveyed the camp, looking for possible ways to help the she-cat, who he couldn't remember the name of. He spotted a branch big enough to carry the weight of a cat, but light enough to be moved. He reached out trying to catch the branch as it floated by. It was almost in his grasp, his claws just reaching it, then he slipped, water filling his lungs. Luckily he was close to the branch and managed to get a grip before he fell in too deep. Pulling himself up he coughed up water. Gasping for air, he tried to push the branch towards the tree, awkwardly pushing his hind legs in a swimming motion. He reached the tree, his pelt sticking to he body.
"I'll take the kits first!" He ordered. The first kit was a brown tabby tom with pale green eyes. He was terrified, not moving whilst on the log, with the exception of his constant shaking. He went back to get the other kit, a fluffy black she-kit with brilliant green eyes, like her mothers. She was much more brave than her brother. Both the kits where at the other side, only the she-cat to go. By know cold water shock was setting in, he was finding it much harder to move his limbs, but he trudged through, forcing himself to swim. getting the she-cat to the other side was much harder than the kits, her weight pulling the branch down.

Finally he was out the water. His pelt was stuck to him, the coldness taking over him. He fell on his side, trying to regain what breath he could. After tending to the the queen and her kits, Riversong rushed over to him, pressing down on his side. He sat up as he coughed up water. Rapid coughing followed. He felt empty, freezing and exhausted.
"We should move him and the kits to the hollow tree, It'll be warmer there." Riversong spoke, in a rather matter of factly voice.
He got to his paws, still a little sick from almost drowning.
"I'll walk..on my own." He stuttered.
"Aspenshine, Tawnysky, you take a kit each. Snakepaw will help me and Raveneye." And with that Riversong and Snakepaw where at his sides, slowly walking along as he limped. 
woo! finally back in the mood to write. If you notice any mistakes please let me know
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