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//Chapter 1\\
It was moonhigh, rain started, at first it was a light drizzle, a shower, then a full blown storm. The trees swayed violently, dens falling apart. Cats gathered in the middle of the camp. Raveneye, a young warrior woke from his sleep, the commotion of the clan almost drowned out by the rain. He realised his spot at the very back of the den was wet, he got up wanting to escape the dampness of the den when he realised the river was rising. He calmly padded into the middle of camp.
"The river is rising, I suggest we leave," He looked around the camp a stern look on his face.
"And who made you the leader!" The current deputy Reedshade snapped, he was never in a good mood,
"This is nothing to worry about! The storm will pass and we'll be fine!" He reassured looking the clan over, they seemed more calm but still a bit uneasy. Suddenly a scream was heard in the leaders den,
"Wrenstar's missing!" one of the she-cats yelled, he never paid any attention to names aside from the leader, deputy and medicine cat. A fluffy blue tabby she-cat made her way through the crowd,
"He left us..."she looked down, "he told me he had a dream about cats screaming, then water, then silence..."
"he hasn't left us Riversong,"
"yes he has! He knew this was going to happen, he...he left us." Panic was spreading through the clan, kits crying for their mothers, warriors wondering what to do.
By now the water had engulfed the leaders and warriors den, Reedshade was still convincing cats to stay put but Raveneye knew there was no point in it.
"If any of you value your lives you'll come with me!" He commanded, silencing the clan.
"No body, well I guess I'll leave on my own," he turned tail padding towards the entrance before the water buried that too.
"wait!" Riversong yelled, "I'm coming with you."
"But Riversong you're our medicine cat! You can't leave!" Reedshade snapped,his teeth showing,
"If you want to live you'll leave, so what's the point in me staying? Anybody else?"
"I'll go." A small tortoiseshell she-cat with emerald green eyes spoke up.
"at least somebody else hear has a brain" Riversong rolled her eyes.
"If she's going I'm going!" A young black tom, an apprentice by the look of him, "Aspenshine is my mentor, there is no way I'm being left behind!" The tom walked forward to his mentor.
"Snakepaw are you sure?" Aspenshine talked and looked at him with such concern cats could think she was his mother,
"of course" He perked up, giving Aspenshine a lick on the cheek,
"If you say so," A weight seemed to lift of her with her apprentice by her side.
"Fine! We don't need you anyway!" Reedshade turned round to face the clan,
"nobody leaves under my watch!, you understand!"
The water was at the foot of the entrance,
"I suggest we leave now" Raveneye disappeared through slowly sinking entrance, the rest of his small group following.
"There's a hollow tree near the forest, it should be big enough for all of us." Raveneye looked over his group, a smaller than average warrior, an apprentice, a medicine cat and then there's him, at least they have a medicine cat.
By the time they got there it was almost dawn, the cry's of the clan mute over the thundering of the rain,
"the water should be at the elders den by now" Aspenshine fretted, trying to hear the clan, clinging desperately to the thought tat they're alive.
"Forget them, they're mouse-brained to even think about staying." Raveneye spat, resting his head on his paws
"I...suppose you're right." Aspenshine tucked her paws underneath her, wrapping her tail around her in a desperate attempt to say warm.
"Try and get some sleep, we'll be checking the camp for any survivors by sunhigh." And with that Raveneye shut his eyes and fell into an uneasy sleep.
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