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Quin by kittyqueen9 Quin by kittyqueen9
so here's my entry for this DTA DTA kitties [open] by
(hope you don't mind I made her anthro)

Name: currently Quin but was Chocolate when she was alive
Gender: female
orientation: ace
Chocolate was a house cat and belonged to a lovely couple. One day they had a baby and Chocolate got much less attention. Jealousy overtook her as she ran out onto the road without looking. By the time anyone noticed her disappearance it was to late, she was dead.
 When Chocolate woke in the afterlife she had no idea where she was, All she could see was lights, wires and machines. Soon the door to the room opened to revealed a half-grey half-ginger tabby in a lab coat. Only then did she realise that she wasn't walking on all fours and instead on two legs like her owners. First she panicked but the scientist Oliver calmed her down and helped her. Since she was the first in her family to die she did not have anywhere to stay so until then she stayed with Oliver. During her first few nights it was fine but Oliver soon released she was different; she was magic, but that magic was cursed, cursed so that she followed a dark path that she couldn't escape. He did all he could to stop this but it only made her angrier: shots, medicines, pills and more and whenever she asked why the only answer she'd get was "research". Eventually she snapped and when she was taken out her room to get her shot she attempted to murder Oliver. However Oliver knew the day would come and in his spare time invented a muzzle that would destroy her and her darkness. he grabbed it off the table behind him and wrestled to get it on and in the end he won. Quin screamed in agony as her darkness poured from her eyes and mouth as a thick black liquid. She started to deteriorate, swearing vengeance on Oliver and she slowly disappeared. 
Voltna Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
woah that's an intense bio !!
i really like what you did with the muzzle, and darn is your style amazing ; v ;
good luck!
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June 15, 2016
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