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Danganronpa/Warriors AU:Kittypets by kittyqueen9 Danganronpa/Warriors AU:Kittypets by kittyqueen9

(For the love of god don't post any spoilers, I haven't finished DR2 and no nothing about V3)
Want to contribute to a fandom but can't draw humans? Simple! Draw them as cats!
If you where just looking for Danganronpa characters as cats, then you don't need to worry about the writing below. If your like me and you also love warriors the continue on reading, or not I can't make you.
Since I can't draw humans I just draw characters I like as cats, which usually turns into a warriors au. Though in this case they wouldn't be a clan, at least not immediately. They'd just be a group of cats who meet up and then Starclan talks to them or something. In this case I drew the characters I believe would be kittypets. The main reasons are I want them to have an accessory, I makes sense for the character or I want them to be a certain breed/have a certain trait that's not found in the wild. If you're interned in the reasons behind the designs and little ideas I have about them read below :D

Gundam-The main reason I made him a kittypet was so I could have the purple collar. Once the clan starts I imaging the bell on his collar would be ripped of but he'd still have the collar. I also think he was raised with hamsters so he isn't the greatest of hunters as he can't bring himself to kill small animals. He would be more like a daylight warrior at first, going back to his twoleg to spend time with the Devas but after being attacked by a fox or badger he'd get the scars on his leg and his eye and his twoleg would no longer want him, forcing him to become a full warrior.
Fuyuhiko-He smol. I also made him a kittypet so he could have a naturally stumpy tail.
Peko-Touch Fuyuhiko and you die. I wanted to make her albino, something that doesn't naturally occur in the wild so kittypet it is! She would be found outside as a kitten by Fuyuhiko's housefold and was taken in. Being albino she doesn't have good vision but that doesn't make her any less good of a fighter.
Nagito- He's big white and fluffy, and white doesn't occur in the wild naturally. Plus being a kittypet and knowing how clans teat them would fuel if self-deprecating nature. "Oh you really want to hunt with kittypet trash like me?"
Byakua- Tbh I didn't really have any ideas for his design so I went with a pale golden tabby. Not really go anymore ideas for him, but I'll think of more eventually.
Chiaki-She just suits folded ears.
Sonia-Siamese cats are highly sought after and are very expensive so it make sense, to me at least.
Hiyoko- I wanted to replicate her pigtails somehow so ear tufts was the best I could get. And also being a ginger she-cat(which is quite rare, about 25% of ginger cats are female. Though I got that statistig of google so take it with a grain of salt)would give her a sense of superiority.
You can tell what characters I like more depending on how much I wrote for them. I'll probably do more. Let me know what you think, and feel free to suggest warrior names!
I do not own Danganronpa or Warriors but I do own the art!

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