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Bean Fortress 2(YBH) by kittyqueen9 Bean Fortress 2(YBH) by kittyqueen9
Inspired by the medic related dta entries I have spent the last hour or so drawing this. Originally I was going to choose the characters but with the amount of bagbeans out there and judging by looks alone it was hard so I decided to make it a ybh!
Now this isn't going to work like any normal YBH, basically you give me a link to your beans tracker or their current design with their personality. If you have a certain class in mind do know I'll be going off of personality. Also if I get enough people asking I'll do a red and blu one so tell me what you'd prefer.
Now for those who don't know Team Fortress 2 is a class based, multiplayer online shooter. The 9 classes all having their own unique weapons, designs and personalities. The classes are:
Scout- red/blu open
Solider- red/blu open
Pyro-I won't be doing the pyro as no matter what bean I'd choose they will look the same
Demoman- red/blu open
Heavy- red/blu open
Engineer-red/blu open
Sniper- red/blu open (in case your wondering they're standing on a Beann Co. crate)
Medic- red/blu open (Depending on the winner this will probably be the kidney bean bb)
Spy- red/blu open (considering making this Maze, if you know the spy or have seen the video you'll know why)
Like I said earlier I'll be going off personality, here is a rough idea of all the classes personality's…
Tenshi-no-Koneko Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2017   General Artist
Oh this is an awesome idea! I love team fortress two. I have a Maze, I'm just not quiet sure where Mazi would fit. Scout or pyro perhaps. 

Mazi Final Form (unofficial) - tho for this it'd be best to use Mazi's unmutated form
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July 28, 2017
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