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BB gift event entry by kittyqueen9 BB gift event entry by kittyqueen9
Random gift for @BitsAndStitch
sooo here's my entry for this #1 Gift Event- December appreciation monthHello sprouts!
I have decided to hold a december event but this time do it slightly different!
Starting today on December the 1st and lasting all the way to December the 31st will be a Gift event. And all you have to do is make something for someone else! Give something to the people you think deserves something amazing!
At the beginning of January I will be choosing winners! Depending on how many entries, the prizes might also change!
Rules to enter this event
:bulletred: You can start submitting your entries whenever you finish your pieces!
:bulletgreen: Draw/craft a fullbody colored piece for someone else in this group!
:bulletred: Submit your entry to
:bulletgreen: One entry per person! so spend extra effort into it : D
:bulletred: Everyone who participates will recieve the Event bean no matter if you win or not
:bulletgreen: If you own a bagbean you can end up winning

I wanted to try something new so why not paint ^^
personaly for a first try I think I done quite well :D if any of you are interested please tell me i'll take commissions probably 250-300 points. for now I'll only do bagbeans
design wise, I don't think I can ask for a certain animal but if possible any reptile would be nice preferably snakes some I would like are, piebald royal/ball pythons, Brazilian rainbow boa and hognose snakes(the pink ones especially)colours I like greens, yellows, purples, some pinks and any natural colour really. for accessory/clothing I like capes or scarves anything long. Overall I like simple designs nothing too complicated but at the same time nothing too bland. Sorry griffsnuff  if this isn't what you meant by what you like and what you dislike in designs but all your designs are good so I wouldn't complain about any design you gave me :D(if I win that is)
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December 2, 2016
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